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OutVoice Aims to Revolutionize How Publishers Pay and Manage Freelancers

What is OutVoice?

OutVoice is a freelancer management and payments solution built for publishers, by publishers. OutVoice automates away many traditional publishing headaches like invoices, W9s and contract agreements, as well as freelancer onboarding. Their optional CMS integration allows publishers to pay freelancers with the same click that publishes their work — cutting down on time spent going back and forth and optimizing editorial workflow.

The Current Landscape

The freelancer economy is booming and more and more publishers are taking advantage of the many benefits of working with freelancers. However, most businesses are ill-equipped or have never dealt with the varying headaches that come with paying and managing freelancers. And while many freelance management companies exist, OutVoice is the only freelance management and payments solution built for the publishing industry. They help publishers easily pay, track and manage freelancers and freelance spend from one place, while automating away invoices, W9s, 1099s, intellectual property agreements and more.

Company Birth Story

Matt Saincome founded the satirical punk website The Hard Times in 2014. As the publication grew, Matt was responsible for paying up to 300 contributors every month. The process was time consuming, frustrating and unorganized. So he went searching for a solution. Coming up short for results, he decided to build one — which eventually became OutVoice. Matt beta tested OutVoice among his three publications before launching it for all publishers in 2019. Since OutVoice’s launch, they’ve welcomed customers like AdWeek, Clickhole, Foreign Policy, FanByte, Meredith and Hearst onto the platform.

The Solution

The publishing industry has been slow to adapt to the digital age. Many freelancers who write for major national publications frequently report being paid late, and sometimes, via paper check. The disjointed workflow between accounting departments and editorial workflow has been proven to result in a backlog, with freelancers often getting the brunt of the deal. OutVoice aims to arm publishers with the tools to better pay and manage their growing freelance teams while also allowing them to have complete control over their freelance spend in real time.

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