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ÚCHÈ By Amber: the Emerging Fashion Brand Redefining Innovative Fashion

What is ÚCHÈ By Amber?

ÚCHÈ translates to ‘IDEA’ in the founders’ native tongue of Igbo, Nigeria.

ÚCHÈ represents a series of original, gender fluid, and spontaneous ideas being put forward with its release.

The brand aims to deliver affordable, AUTHENTIC BOLD STATEMENTS through fashion, drawing inspiration from different cultures and times.

The Current Landscape

With Fast fashion growing rapidly and unavoidably creating more waste, consumers are slowly looking for more sustainable, conscious brands. This is the core value of ÚCHÈ, respect for the planet. We use our brand to help minimize waste by using "deadstock" fabrics, upcycling, and recycling. We believe now more than ever that sustainability is most necessary, and everyone can contribute in their own way.

ÚCHÈ doesn't see competition but rather more ways to build partnerships. We believe there is an ample opportunity for fast fashion brands to collaborate with smaller niche brands in ways like upcycling unsold pieces, creating completely new capsule lines that thrill the customers while doing the planet a lot of good.

Company Birth Story

ÚCHÈ was founded out of a necessity for a fashion brand that could offer unique, innovative pieces produced in the most sustainable practices and still maintain affordability. Creative Director Amber Orah has always loved fashion since her childhood. Being a Fashion Creative helped her overcome a lot of struggles in her life. She realized soon enough there was a need for good clothing priced within an affordable budget, which gave birth to ÚCHÈ by Amber.

The Solution

ÚCHÈ By Amber is the creator of the Bum bag Top, first released in the brand's debut capsule collection in September of 2019. Though the bum bag/fanny pack is a well-known piece, wearing it as a top is never heard of or seen.

ÚCHÈ By Amber found the perfect balance between stylish, practical, and functional, not to mention daring. Since the Bum bag top's pockets are all usable, it makes the perfect attire for raves and festivals. Goodbye to losing valuables, everything a girl needs is right next to her heart in this unique piece.

Though a young brand, ÚCHÈ By Amber has been picked up by major publications, concept stores around the world, and stylists for its unconventional approach to Fashion Designing.

The brand aims to redefine the meaning of innovative fashion through its thought-provoking pieces, hopefully inspiring its audience to explore unapologetically, creatively.

A Customer Story

Pick pocketing is a big problem, especially in crowded places such as festivals, buzy tourist destinations etc, though this was not the original intention of the bumbag top,it has received a lot of praise, especially from women who have been victims of pickpocketers. It has become a safe way to keep items while looking stylish. ÚCHÈ is happy to help in such a way.

The Team Culture

The brand is founded by Igbo Nigerian Sisters Joy, and Amber Orah.

Amber is the Creative Director with over twelve years of experience in multiple disciplines within the fashion industry. This strong understanding of the fashion landscape made it possible to join forces with sister Joy. The latter is the Executive Officer, having over ten years in Business Management.

Though the duo bring different experiences to the brand, the core values are the same; Sustainable production practices through limited production to avoid wastage while continuously exploring uniqueness and creativity, to keep the brand fun and quirky but chic.

A Founder Quote

"My clothes are my Armour, like every armour, it must reflect your beliefs, and protect you" Creative Director and Founder Amber Orah,

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