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GoMeat, specialty meat from the store to your door

What is GoMeat?

GoMeat is a blockchain-based digital marketplace connecting specialty (halal/kosher) product consumers with local stores. Since 2019, GoMeat has attracted in excess of 5,000 users, fulfilling more than 8,000 orders. GoMeat’s App and website bring convenience to the $1.7 trillion specialty products industry, providing online ordering and same-day home delivery services.

Current industry landscape

There are currently major pain points in the Halal/Kosher meat industry. GoMeat’s primary stakeholders are specialty meat and food customers, but they must travel far and wait in long lines in order to get this specialty meat – and pay premium prices. Additionally, there is no reliable authentication mechanism to indicate whether the meat they’re buying is actually halal or kosher, so they must rely instead on verbal guidance or store certifications, which are usually outdated.

The specialty meat stores are another of GoMeat’s stakeholders. Generally, these are family-owned shops, with limited resources, that source specialty meat directly from specialty slaughterhouses. They are not digitalized and often do not have the enough resources to provide their delivery services. They also are not able to conduct digital marketing or discount promotions, must take orders manually (which is inefficient and may lead to errors) and have lengthy order processing time due to their staff shortages.

Our third key stakeholders are the Halal/Kosher Certification Boards. These are not-for-profit bodies with limited funding and resources. They are charged with tracking and maintaining the certifications for each store. They are also short on staff to follow up with individual stores and verify certifications and renew these when they are expired.

Establishing GoMeat

The problem for speciality meat consumers world-wide is that they rely on old fashioned halal and kosher authentication processes and word of mouth, which offers no window into the supply chain.

GoMeat developed its first specialty meat marketplace prototype in late 2018, officially launching in New Jersey the following year with one pilot store. Since then, we have experienced extensive learnings through constant feedback from all our stakeholders: customers, stores, and delivery partners. This has enabled the evolution of both our platform’s functionality and features, as well as our overall business model.

Today, GoMeat is proud to have in excess of 600 stores in our network, located in New Jersey, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Orlando Philadelphia, and Tampa. We cater to more than 5,000 customers, and generated $300,000 in sales in 2021 alone. With a professional team and strong learning experiences under our belt, we are continuing to weather the pandemic and have a solid roadmap for global expansion.

The growth of the company

GoMeat developed its first specialty meat marketplace prototype in late 2018, officially launching in early 2019. Since then, they we have experienced extensive learnings through constant feedback from all our stakeholders: customers, store, and delivery partners. This has not only enabled the evolution of our platform functionality and features, but also of our business model.

With nearly 600 stores available on our platform and operational capabilities in six U.S. states, we have shown our business model is sound. Additionally, we created a market segment that did previously exist, and are already in a revenue generating stage.

Customer service

Being the first and only marketplace that provides online ordering and home delivery services for specialty products, GoMeat is solving the problem for thousands of consumers.

Because of this, we received numerous testimonials from our customers. One of the common themes we’ve heard is that our service became absolutely critical during pandemic. For example, in March 2020 we provided free delivery on 1,000 orders, which was greatly appreciated by our customers

About the team

GoMeat has a startup culture, with independent, fresh minds helping to inspire – and even lead –the senior leaders, but with everyone collaboratively working to achieve key milestones and reach critical objectives.

Overall, GoMeat has a small core team throughout multiple time zones, with the leads representing all key areas of the organization, from marketing and social media management, technology, customer service and support, store and driver on-boarding, and finance.

Still, GoMeat works collaboratively in a friendly environment, with a clear focus on flawlessly executing those tasks critical to GoMeat’s overall vision and strategy.

“GoMeat is not just another online ordering and delivery service, but is committed to solving an essential everyday problem of billions of specialty meat consumers worldwide. Though the convenience and significant time and money savings the GoMeat platform provides, we are working every day to change the lives of our consumers for the better.”

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