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QuillBot has the productivity enhancing tools to change the way the world writes

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a one-stop AI EdTech writing platform that helps users with everything from perfectly articulating ideas to language refinement to editing for fluency to extracting important information with tools like a paraphraser, grammar checker, summarizer, citation generator.

The current industry landscape

Recent advances in AI, specifically natural language processing (NLP) have enabled them to deliver higher-value features because bigger and better models can be made and run cheaper and faster than ever before. They wanted to leverage this to the maximum extent possible to deliver the best value and most helpful products to their customers. They are always revamping and fine-tuning their products to make them better than ever since they use these tools themselves.

The creation of QuillBot

QuillBot is used by more than 30 million people worldwide to improve their writing skills. The cofounders Anil Jason, Rohan Gupta and Dave Silin were computer science majors who, admittedly, were not gifted writers, so they thought, why not go bigger to solve their own problems?

They wanted to create an AI to do the heavy lifting during the writing process. The mission was to make writing painless for students, authors, researchers, lawyers, and anyone else whose work depends on them being able to efficiently do research and articulate their ideas. Their viral growth has been due, in large part, to word of mouth because the tools yielded an average time savings of over 75% per writing project. Their goal is to be the world’s preeminent, one-stop-shop writing platform where users create written work they are proud of, in a fraction of the time via productivity- and efficiency-enhancing tools.

How QuillBot assists its customers

The AI writing platform now has an arsenal of productivity-enhancing tools that are already changing the way the world writes. For anyone who needs to overcome writer's block and procrastination, increase productivity, and find their ideal research and writing workflow, the tools are game-changers. QuillBot ​has your back whether you're writing emails, essays, or social media posts.

QuillBot has changed life of students who write research articles in English. Students are loving the product. And they are more productive and less stressed in their academic journey.

The team culture

At QuillBot, the team is building something people use everyday. The impact is visible and measurable. The company has a culture that promotes work-life balance, flexible schedule and respects the important element of a working relationship: trust.

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