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ZIZO Technologies – Revolutionizing the Way the World Works

What the company does

ZIZO’s platform provides enterprises with an easy-to-use performance management tool to increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention. By leveraging integrations into operational software and gamification, the platform delivers next level results.

The Current Landscape

Recent shifts in the workforce and workplace have led to a huge spike in need for performance management and employee engagement tools. Evidenced by the rise in popularity of tools like Ambition, Motivosity, and Arcade.

Company Birth Story

After running his own call center for 20+ years, ZIZO’s Founder, Jimmy Chebat, became frustrated with the lack of visibility into objective performance data and motivation amongst his team. In 2010, Chebat developed a solution for these challenges which proved successful for his own agency as well as other local companies. In 2020, he realized that the need for this tool was growing. In a leap of faith, he sold his call center, redeveloped the tool to include gamification and better serve the modern workforce, and ZIZO was born.

The Solution

ZIZO sets itself apart by delivering a game-like interface, automated performance management, and actionable insights to users. The company’s ultimate mission is to help employees and business thrive by making work fun and rewarding. After doubling their platform user counts over the past 2 months, they are poised to continue growth through 2023 and beyond.

A Customer Story

After using the ZIZO platform for 2 years, GLPS, a collections agency based in Buffalo, NY, noticed a 5x increase in agent productivity. With ZIZO, they are enjoying a performance lift in all KPIs, and have even been able to grow their team.

The Team Culture

Founded and led by Jimmy Chebat, a serial entrepreneur and established expert in the call center industry. The ZIZO team is rounded out with experienced and passionate professionals like their COO, Megan Kelly, CXO, Titus Tallchief, and CTO, Geoffrey Brookins.

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