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Fragment – Calendar as a platform for the first time

What Fragment does

Fragment connects creators and business with their audience in the arena of agendas. Creators and business can broadcast their agendas and the audience can get them scheduled just following the creators and business.

The Current Landscape

There are several calendar app and messaging app who can be perceived as competitors. However, Fragment is the first calendar platform where business can keep their calendars either public for all users to search and find them or private to broadcast them only to a certain user group.

Company Birth Story

It is very common for people to miss out on important agendas although they are informed through the message and emails or posters.

On top of all that there are several updates and changes to one’s everyday agendas like classes, clubs and community events which get harder to keep up with.

Although one can add them to their calendars or put a sticky somewhere they take a lot of time and effort to do so.

Fragment provides a platform to the organizers and business to showcase their agendas, allowing users to effortlessly stay informed and organised by following them.

Fragment by design allows users to stay on top of things that matter to them. This is especially handy for sporadic, recurring or everyday events.

The Solution

Fragment is a first calendar platform where creators or business can share their agendas for their audience to search and follow them. Creators/ business can also create distinct calendars for their user groups make some calendars even private to be available only for their group members.

A Customer Story

We have on boarded a nursery school recently. We see they can communicate all their agendas to the respective parents privately and very quickly. They will use it to communicate holidays, exams and events all segregated to different classes. And all the changes or any updates are automatically rescheduled in their parents’ calendar. This saves them a lot of time in finding and messaging each individually, especially when there are changes. The parents not only see the immediate next agenda, but are able to browse through the school’s calendars and plan much ahead.

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