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Our Favorites List

We've put together a list of our favorite everythings for entrepreneurs. These will seriously help you take your startuping to the next level.


Hampton Blog: A blog from Hampton's a private and highly vetted community for startup CEOs.

Favorite Podcasts

My First Million: business ideas, life hacks and a little but of banter

Invest Like the Best: highest quality questions to leaders in business

Marketing Against the Grain: insights from the marketing leaders of Hubspot

The All-in Podcast: weekly politics & business from 4 billionaire friends

Favorite Software

Clickup: advanced team project management that's super intuitive to use

Canva: the all-in-one way to create designs for EVERYTHING

Dux-soup: Linkedin automation that acts like a real human

Carrd: the fastest to make, best looking landing pages at a bargain price

Substack: newsletter platform to help you easily launch, grow and monetize

Wix: website builder that offers everything you need, no tech skills required Zapier: automate and connect all of your tools Midjourney: Use text to create breathtaking images

Favorite Books

The Hard thing about Hard Things: the untold stories of really being a CEO

Super Pumped: Uber's rise to glory and Travis' crash

How to turn down a Billion Dollars: Snapchat's inspiring growth and audacity

Shoe Dog: how Nike become Nike

21 Lessons for the 21st Century: What our future will look like and how to prepare

[PRO TIP: Download Audible to get through books while you travel, do dishes or go for a run. Turn up the speed to 2x to amp up the productivity]

We'll continue updating the list as we continue to fall in love with new resources and products - keep your eye out!


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