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Empower Your Political Perspective: Hozzl – Your Window into Real-Time Government Actions

What Hozzl does

Hozzl collects real-time data from official government sources, offering a thorough timeline of the most recent actions by the US Federal Government. Every action is presented in a friendly format, offering a detailed summary and direct access to official documents, empowering readers to shape their own perspectives.

The Current Landscape

Political division in America has reached unprecedented levels. Major news outlets contribute to this divide by frequently publishing opinion-driven articles disguised as news, lacking references to official documents. Simultaneously, social media platforms are exploited to spread disinformation, garnering millions of views for biased or fake content. The public typically lacks easy access to the necessary materials to form their own opinions about legislation, representatives, and congressional activities when using these platforms.

There are some websites and research platforms offering access to official documents and released materials, however they often aren't the primary news sources for a vast majority of the public. Hozzl seeks to fill the void between the opinion-driven content found on widely-used social media and news outlets, and the fact-based content derived from officially released statements and documents.

Company Birth Story

Hozzl was founded in January 2024 and launched in February of the same year. Its foundation rests on the principle that government actions and associated materials should be easily accessible to all. In any public discussion, these resources should serve as the cornerstone, ensuring that all Americans have access to all pertinent information to form their own opinions.

The Solution

Hozzl aims to establish itself as the premier source for political information and discussions. It’s continuously expanding the sources from which it aggregates data, including the addition of state and local level timeline feeds, ensuring the most comprehensive collection of government actions and official documentation in the industry. User-facing features are also being implemented to assist users in finding information and forming their own opinions based on their representatives' actions and officially released materials.

A Customer Story

There is a Quora post referencing in a debate about the TikTok Ban Bill and its potential impact. The poster provided a link to the specific Hozzl page for that bill and cited specific sections from the Official Legislation document to support their arguments. As a result, it seemed like the opposing party conceded and even agreed with their viewpoint, or at the very least, understood the basis of their opponent’s opinion.

The Team Culture

Sam Taylor – Founder

Lee Gilliam – Founder

Sam and Lee are both technology enthusiasts, avid golfers, and share a background in big data processing. They firmly believe that actions speak louder than words, and when Americans have full visibility into government activities and can form opinions based on facts, our democracy will continue to grow. They also both aspire to break 80 on the golf course.

A founder quote

“Uninformed opinions make great content, not a great democracy.” - Lee Gilliam

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