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Meet Canopey: The First Marketplace To Streamline The Sustainable Shopping Journey

What Canopey does

Canopey is The Home For Buying Better® – the only platform to completely streamline the sustainable shopping journey. It’s a marketplace with meaning: thousands of verified sustainable products, educational features, and powerful impact stats to track your CO2, water, and plastic savings over time. All under one roof.

The Current Landscape

Big retailers and cheap plastic products are wrecking our planet and choking our waterways. We need to buy better. But big retailers are consistently greenwashing, misleading the very people who are trying to do their bit. It's left nearly half of consumers finding it too complicated to even try to shop sustainably.

Company Birth Story

Forget Jeff Bezos starting Amazon in a garage – Canopey was founded in a field. After the better half of a decade campaigning for Greenpeace and working in the events industry, founder Thomas Panton was working with Hugo Douglas-Deane at a music festival. The pair stood in a sea of plastic waste at the end of a festival, angry that not enough was being done to stop the world filling with junk. They started Canopey with third co-founder Abrar Rauf to help make buying better easier for everyone.

The Solution

Canopey is for everyone who is trying to do their bit or who has been tricked by a misleading ‘eco’ label that doesn’t mean what it should. It’s a marketplace with meaning, bringing together thousands of verified sustainable products, from cruelty-free beauty to vegan food and drink, conscious fashion and much more. But it’s also the only platform that brings those sustainable products together under one roof with fun, educational content and powerful impact stats, making it easier for everyone to buy better.

A Customer Story

By choosing better alternatives, the Canopey community has collectively saved the equivalent CO2 emissions of driving 4,400 miles, 9,744 Barbies worth of plastic, and 2,554 bath tubs of water! Canopey also has an ambitious tree planting program, and has planted more than 20,000 so far, covering roughly 20 football pitches.

The Team Culture

Canopey’s founders are an outdoorsy and active team, spending their downtime climbing and camping. CEO Thomas Panton is an experienced sustainability professional who has worked for over a decade with the world’s largest environmental organisations including Greenpeace. A second-time founder, he has a Climate Change MSc and is a LinkedIn Top Voice for climate issues. CMO Hugo Douglas-Deane cut his teeth in Government communications and PR, with several award-winning campaigns including complex behaviour change initiatives and EU-funded environment projects. CTO Abrar Rauf is a full stack web developer who has managed high profile data verification projects at leading banks, building features for over 8m customers. He is also a second-time tech founder, and previously held roles at a Series A startup.

A founder quote

Thomas Panton, CEO of Canopey, said: “Fast fashion fraudsters and dodgy high street retailers are trying to capitalise on sustainability ethics and mislead with bogus green claims. So we started Canopey to bring real trust to the sustainable shopping journey.

“There is no denying that people of all ages have becoming more conscious in what they buy but – the bottom line is – the retail sector as a whole has a greenwashing problem. It's time to fight back and give shoppers the power to shop their values in an accessible and convenient way.”

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