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Props Luggage Elevating Your Travel Game-Literally

What Props Luggage does

Props Luggage introduces a groundbreaking innovation: a carry-on suitcase with a built-in leg system, eliminating the need for luggage racks in hotel rooms. It also provides a personal workstation at airports for laptops, making layovers more productive and offering a clean place to eat your meals. Not only functional but also stylish and lightweight, Props revolutionizes travel comfort.

The Current Landscape

The luggage industry as a whole has not seen much innovation since the conception of wheels on a suitcase. The addition of batteries came out a few years back but not without its problems. Organization seems to be a popular topic with the onset of packing cubes. But truly, there are no competitors in the industry that have introduced this innovative leg system. Props stands alone.

Company Birth Story

The idea for Props Luggage emerged through years of travel experiences. The founder, accompanied by her husband and four daughters, cherished their family journeys. Frustrated by the scarcity of luggage racks in hotel rooms, they envisioned a solution: a suitcase with a built- in luggage rack. This simple yet brilliant concept gave rise to Props Luggage. Now a traveler has their case up off the ground and with the convenient top lid opening, access to all of their belongings. From there the many other uses came to light. Using it in the airport for a workspace or to put your coffee on. A place for kids to engage in activities like coloring or enjoying meals while on the go.

The Solution

Props Luggage aspires to become indispensable for travelers. Owners rave about its transformative impact on their journeys. The company aims to expand its offerings, responding to consumer demand for the larger 26” case, as it continues to evolve and grow.

A Customer Story

A recent customer summed it up perfectly. Props Luggage isn’t a gimmick; it’s a gamechanger.

The Team Culture

Founder, Maggie Gerth looks to her husband Bob of 36 years for his support and guidance. Maggie trusts no one more than Bob to help ensure the company’s success. With four children, it’s sometimes easier to focus on business, adding a touch of humor to their entrepreneurial journey.

A founder quote

The saying “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it” now resonates with the founder. Creating a new innovative product is exciting but challenging. The rave reviews make the journey all worth it.

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