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Optimizing Revenue: Introducing Authsnap's Denials Management Solutions

What Authsnap does

Authsnap specializes in denials management solutions for hospital claims, offering comprehensive services to streamline revenue cycle management and maximize reimbursement. With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, Authsnap helps hospitals navigate complex reimbursement processes and minimize claim denials.

The Current Landscape

In the healthcare industry, hospitals face numerous challenges related to claim denials, including regulatory changes, coding errors, and payer scrutiny with 15-20% of all claims being denied. This contributes significantly to a hospitals bottom line and most hospitals are operating on very thin margins of 3-5%. Many hospitals are at risk for closing and don’t have the staff to manage their every growing denials case load.

Company Birth Story

Authsnap was founded by Gretchen Heinen, a utilization management nurse, who saw a mounting problem with denied claims while she worked both for the hospital and the payor system. She began a journey of fixing this problem brought along a team of healthcare industry veterans to address the growing complexity of hospital revenue cycles. Inspired by their collective expertise and passion for improving financial outcomes for healthcare providers, the team has a mission to revolutionize denials management and empower hospitals to optimize their revenue potential.

The Solution

Authsnap's denials management platform is a comprehensive solution designed to identify, analyze, and appeal claim denials efficiently and effectively. Leveraging advanced analytics, automation, and industry best practices, Authsnap's platform helps hospitals proactively manage denials, improve accuracy, and optimize reimbursement. With a focus on collaboration and transparency, Authsnap partners with hospitals to customize solutions that meet their unique needs and drive sustainable financial performance.

A Customer Story

Authsnap is a new company and currently working with their first beta clients right now.

The Team Culture

At Authsnap, the core team is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in healthcare management. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, the team collaborates closely with clients to deliver tangible results and exceed expectations. Life at Authsnap is characterized by a culture of integrity, accountability, and continuous improvement, where every team member plays a vital role in driving success for clients and the company.

A founder quote

“Healthcare will improve when those of us who see potential solutions bravely step forward and build them.” Gretchen Heinen, RN, Founder and CEO

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