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Audos AI: Transforming Ideas into Businesses Faster Than Ever

What Audos does

Audos is a family of AI copilots for entrepreneurs, committed to making entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. With a focus on customer-centric strategies and innovative problem- solving, Audos empowers people to “just get going.”

The Current Landscape

The entrepreneurial support industry is burgeoning with automated tools designed to streamline business creation and growth. Competitors often offer solutions in business planning and customer interaction. However, Audos differentiates itself by integrating AI to personalize and expedite these processes, standing out in a market focused on automating startup essentials. As an example, Audos is building a suite of AI-driven tools that streamline the early stages of entrepreneurship. Unique to Audos, AudoRoadmaps simplifies customer feedback analysis, while AudoMates enhances customer engagement through personalized AI conversations. With a growing user base since late 2023, Audos is advancing its vision of making entrepreneurship universally accessible and efficient.

Company Birth Story

Audos was founded by prehype (, a startup incubator in New York with holdings including BARK (NYSE: BARK), Ro (, and over a dozen other venture capital-backed startups. Audos was created to democratize entrepreneurship. It harnesses a decade of company-starting experience, aiming to provide comprehensive, accessible tools for every stage of building a business.

The Solution

Audos helps turn the business ideas that many people have into reality. The Audos family of AI copilots is trained on a decade of company-starting experience and assists aspiring entrepreneurs at every step of their early journey. Audos helps entrepreneurs figure out what customer they want to serve, what problems that customer has, and what innovative solution might best solve the customer’s problem. It goes beyond ideation by creating presentation slides, building landing pages, implementing early customer acquisition strategies, and even managing freelancers.

The Team Culture

The Audos team, originating from diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds, is united by a passion for innovation and accessibility in entrepreneurship. Team members often share stories of their own startup challenges, fostering a culture of empathy and support that translates into the development of each Audos tool.

A founder quote

Nicholas Thorne, CEO and co-founder of Audos, says: “The response to Audos has been phenomenal. Our growing user base and these new features represent major strides toward our goal of empowering more individuals to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. The customer interview tool and enhanced AI co-pilot are game-changers, enabling our users to better understand and serve their markets."

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