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Leadzai: Empowering SMBs for Effortless Growth

What Leadzai does

Leadzai is an AI-powered customer acquisition platform that helps businesses generate valuable leads through cost-efficient online campaigns. It is a smart, easy-to-use and effective solution for small businesses to grow effortlessly.

The Current Landscape

The digital marketing sector is evolving rapidly, with AI driving this transformation. Just as advertising shifted from print to online, success metrics are now focused on qualified leads rather than basic interactions like clicks. Leadzai's pay-per-result model simplifies digital advertising, enabling businesses to pay only for tangible leads and fostering effortless growth for small businesses. The company’s customer-centric approach and pay-per- result model position it as a significant competitor in the market.

Company Birth Story

In 2016, João de Sousa Aroso, a seasoned entrepreneur, embarked on a new venture driven by his passion for digital transformation and local advertising. He identified a significant gap: while many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) had websites, the challenge was generating relevant traffic and converting visitors into customers. This insight led to the creation of Advertio in April 2017.

Advertio was founded with the vision to simplify and optimize online advertising for SMBs using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). In 2022, the company rebranded to Leadzai, reflecting its broader mission of not just driving traffic but helping SMBs thrive in the digital landscape. Early investment in Generative AI positioned Leadzai at the forefront of technological innovation.

Leadzai embraced a product-led strategy focused on hyper-growth, attracting a talented and diverse team of over 70 individuals from 17 different nationalities, working across 10 countries. By 2024, Leadzai has grown into a dynamic company, leveraging advanced technologies to support SMBs worldwide. On a mission to empower 200 million businesses to thrive, Leadzai ensures SMBs can navigate and succeed in the digital age.

The Solution

Leadzai's vision is to turn the complexity of creating and managing ads into something simple, allowing consumers to get leads effectively. They simplify and optimise online advertising, ensuring businesses only pay for tangible leads through their pay-per-result model. This democratises digital marketing, making it accessible for all while minimising the complexities and risks usually associated with it. With €200 million generated, serving over 10,000 clients across 80 different sectors, and creating 16,200 campaigns, Leadzai is revolutionising the digital advertising landscape, paving the way for businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

The Team Culture

Leadzai prioritises building a vibrant culture that fosters deep connections and engagement among team members. To achieve this goal, the company implements various initiatives like team-building Events, diverse slack channels, learning sessions, internal games, and virtual doughnuts.

Moreover, at Leadzai, every team member, regardless of background, shares a tech-savvy mindset and a passion for understanding the product inside and out. Curiosity is a cornerstone of the company's culture, encouraging everyone to question, explore, and seek deeper insights rather than accepting the first answer as absolute truth.

A founder quote

“We’re here to build an innovative product that adds value to SMBs, and we’re lucky to have a team that shares that same spirit and goes above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcome.”

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