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Xebrio- Shifting the Status Quo of Project Management Space

What the company does

Xebcore Inc. is a SaaS company that has launched a product called Xebrio. Xebrio is a project management ecosystem that manages the entire project lifecycle- from requirements to deployments.

The Current Landscape

Project Management software have ruled the roost in various industries for decades. They started as standalone software and then got repackaged as SaaS. The problem in using multiple software remains the same. Managing one project takes requirements, tasks, bug tracking, test case, and release management software to cover completely. With that comes the challenge of traceability, data integrity, the total cost of ownership, and much more. Xebrio has been designed to fix just that.

Company Birth Story

The Xebcore Inc. team spent time managing the processes and information across tools and the structure mandated by their clients. They realized they needed a tool to cover the entire project lifecycle. The team decided to challenge the status quo of project management software and build something that didn't exist at the time.

The internal team designed a tool with various aspects of project management, including project requirements, tasks, milestones, test cases, bugs, and releases.

As Xebrio started taking shape, they realized they had something big on their hands and decided to release it for everyone.

The Solution

A small but passionate team developed Xebrio to solve internal but vital problems for their organization. Every aspect of the product was designed to solve a pain point they had.

Most project management software starts with task creation and moves forward from there. That's why the Xebrio team started with project requirements management since that is a starting point for any project. They designed an approval workflow allowing internal and external stakeholders to participate seamlessly while gathering project requirements. It became the most liked feature of the product.

Xebrio's end-to-end traceability feature sets it apart from other tools- the requirements can be linked to tasks, milestones, test cases, and bugs.

The Xebrio team understood the power of real-time collaboration in a project. The collaboration feature is unparalleled in any other project management tool out there.

Xebrio's vision is to provide power-packed project management features, which otherwise are accessible only to large-scale enterprises. They want Xebrio to have no gatekeeping and be available to SMBs and large organizations. That is their guiding philosophy- no organization should have to jump through hoops to get a free product trial.

A founder quote

Our co-founder, Manoj Patwardhan, believes-

"Xebrio is not here to compete with anyone. We want to build a product packed with premium features for everyone. One of the reasons we know what the users want is because we use Xebrio to develop Xebrio, whether we're working on a release or other in-house change. I believe Xebrio is competing with itself. We will be the best and the most valuable versions of ourselves."

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