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Food-Florist in America - Unique Gifts To Show Care

What the company does

WOW Bouquet is a new trendy and unique company that combines flowers and food, making new one of a kind edible bouquets and arrangements that are showstoppers and WOW people.

The Current Landscape

The current competition of WOW Bouquet are mainly old fashioned florist and a company such as “Edible Arrangements”, these companies haven’t changed their style and types of arrangements in years. WOW Bouquet is here to change that and bring something exciting to consumers.

Company Birth Story

The idea of WOW Bouquet has been born in 2018, but went fully operational in January of 2020.

There was nothing on the market available that was new and exciting or eye catching. The owners have decided to start their own company where they could show that a new way of gifting is available.

A young couple Tim and Diana Valishins have opened a unique creative workshop of art. Each order is an exclusive, which, most likely, will not be repeated. The main task is to make a WOW effect, and then taste pleasure. The main strengths of WOW Bouquet are exclusivity, wide range and delivery within 300 miles from Manhattan. There are boxes of macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries, and fresh fruit, combined with flowers. All weddings, birthdays and anniversary bouquets, are decorated in the most fantastic way.

The Solution

The solution of WOW Bouquet is to re-design the gifting industry. The company was well accepted by customers, and shared around their friends and family. Company has gained over 500 positive reviews all across different platforms without a single bad review. For the last 2 years, the company has grown from ground up to over 5000 repeated customers. Company is looking to expand to multiple states in upcoming few years.

A Customer Story

A story that was shared by our customer:

Customer has purchased an amazing bouquet for his first date with a woman, a combination of beautiful peonies, chocolate covered strawberries and macarons. A woman has never seen a bouquet like that in her life and was absolutely amazed. She shared with us that it made her make a decision about the young man, because she saw how much thought he put into surprising her and trying to find something new and creative as a present like she was never given before in her life. Few months later the couple got engaged, and she never forgets that moment when he surprised her with a beautiful bouquet that evening.

The Team Culture

Tim and Diana are lucky. They found their calling. They truly care about their customers and what customers think, because it might not be the first bouquet for them, but its a first bouquet for the recipient and they must be WOW’ed. When people thank them for their job, it becomes clear that they make this world more beautiful.

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