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Unleashing the Power of Onscreen Connection and Fun to Bring Dispersed Coworkers Closer Than Ever

What Virtualteambuilding does is a leading provider of wildly fun virtual team building events, facilitated by a team of exceptionally talented hosts who bring a wealth of experience from their diverse backgrounds, ranging from working on Marvel movies to performing off-Broadway.

The Current Landscape

Although early product development and deployment initially gave the brand a competitive advantage, the market soon became saturated with various players, including team building and event companies, as well as breweries and art studios diversifying their revenue streams to attract corporate clients. In essence, competitors span anything that can be considered a fun activity for teams. The brand's primary challenge lies in showcasing to customers the meticulous design and thoughtfulness embedded in the offered experiences. aims to think beyond simply offering dispersed teams a fun diversion or something entertaining to do together online, and adds layers of thoughtful interaction that help coworkers learn about and value each other as individuals, resulting in more meaningful collaboration. This intentionality has proved essential as the mindests about remote work shift from short-term pandemic solution, to long-term work environment.

The virtual team building industry is navigating a gradual return to in-person events, accompanied by unpredictable shifts in demand. Brands also face the challenges posed by the corporate world's uncertainty, where team building is more crucial than ever.

Company Birth Story

The company's journey began with the success of Museum Hack, a company renowned for its renegade museum tours such as "Badass Bitches of The Met." However, pandemic lockdowns forced the team to revamp operations. With museums closing and in-person tours becoming impractical, the group swiftly adapted to the virtual landscape.

Recognizing the surge in demand for online services, the organization seized the opportunity to focus on virtual team building, an area they had already explored. This decision also led to the creation of sister brand,

The Solution

The staff at are committed to raising the bar and dispelling any negative preconceptions associated with team building. Hosts are not only naturally charismatic but also ensure that every activity is engaging and provides dedicated time for team members to connect, while still delivering high-quality content. For instance, creators have crafted immersive 3-D virtual worlds for teams to explore collaboratively. Other innovations include sending gourmet s'mores to remote workers for camaraderie-building online campfires, and social deduction spy games that school teammates in the art of online people-reading. Even virtual Christmas parties have been transformed into exhilarating competitions, offering a unique and memorable experience.

The brands ultimate goal is to build happier teams, which is achieved through a combination of clever event design and a hosting style that allows for delightful, authentic interactions.

Customer Story

Clients often attend these online experiences expecting "forced fun," but are delighted to find themselves genuinely laughing with and competing against their coworkers.

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