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The first ever Australian created Couples Therapy App

What MLYL does

The My Love Your Love app (MLYL) allows couples to take their relationship to the next level through improved connection, deepening ties, and playfulness. The software goes beyond gimmicks in order to achieve individual, relationship insight, and growth.

MLYL's Current Landscape

In Australia, there is currently nothing like MLYL. There are a few couples therapy apps available in the US, but none offer what My Love Your Love does: a journey guided by a real- life couple who are couples therapists and Clinical Psychologists.

MLYL Birth Story

Helen and Shahn, as Clinical Psychologists and Couples Therapists, are acutely aware of Australia's limited access to high-quality couples therapy. Relationships are critical for living a fulfilling life. Helen and Shahn were unable to assist couples in Sydney because their therapy books were unfortunately full. With no Medicare rebates available, only those who can afford it can receive the help that so many couples require.

The sheer difficulty of aligning two people's calendars with that of a therapist adds to the barriers to couples therapy. These issues prompted them to devise a solution that breaks down these barriers - to make couples therapy available to everyone, regardless of where they live or their financial situation. This set the wheels in motion for the development of an app aimed at improving people's relationships, whether they are on the rocks or just need a boost - so that everyone's life satisfaction can improve.

The Solution

The MLYL team believes that positive relationships are the foundation of all good mental health. Unhealthy attachment styles can be resolved through healthy partner relationships, according to well-established evidence. Couples need help when they are struggling, not when they can get an appointment.

The MLYL app is a guide and coach that can be used in real time to help couples in their life journey. This distinguishes us from other couple apps, which tend to focus on specific aspects of relationships, such as increasing fun. The MLYL app is a personal journey as well as a couple's journey. You will learn more about each other, your partner's vulnerabilities, and conflict styles, as well as yourself. Furthermore, the app is intended to accompany you throughout your life and covers all essential topics such as discovering shared values and exploring sex issues.

A Customer Story

Although the MLYL couples app has only recently been released, the feedback indicates that it is already changing lives. MLYL has demonstrated that couples who were previously hesitant to attend traditional couples therapy are now willing and even excited to use an app to improve their relationship. Our couples have acknowledged that working through the app together on a regular basis has resulted in them being kinder to one another and being able to avoid conflict before it escalates.

Sections of the app have restored playfulness and spontaneity to some of our couples' relationships, which is a lovely reminder that relationships are about more than just work. Helen and Shahn are encouraged by the app's early success and look forward to continuing to improve and add content to improve couples' relationships and lives.

A founder quote

● Having a growth orientated relationship is the key to a quality life filled with support, unconditional love, adventure and the ability to find the magic moments life has to offer.

● Your current relationship experience is a result of your relationship formula. Create the change and unlock the unique benefits of being in a long term quality relationship.

● We strive to bring high-quality and accessible couples advice to everyone.

● Love is not everlasting like a Hollywood movie. Love is a daily choice toward your partner.

● The best relationships occur where you feel you can be your true self without fear or judgement.

● Our goal is to improve and enhance relationships

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