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What the company does?

TheTechBoy is a product testing and review website that is geared toward everyone, including tech-savvy children to adults. TheTechBoy enables people to learn about technology and get recommendations on technology in a clean and safe manner.

The Current Landscape

The technology industry is thriving as foldable devices and new handset manufacturers emerge. The landscape of the mobile industry also moves very quickly and does not wait for anyone. This is good as it gives TheTechBoy plenty of content to publish. The land of tech journalism is packed with competitors. TheTechBoy would consider technology review websites to be the main competition. Established technology sites are competing with TheTechBoy for views and test devices and sites. TheTechBoy would also consider news websites to be the second biggest competitors as sometimes they cover tech launches, and are also more apt to get test devices than TheTechBoy as they have a wider audience.

Company Birth Story

TheTechBoy was founded in 2020 as a way to get devices to test. Other endeavors to product test devices had failed, and starting a blog was seen as a good way to acquire devices. The first post was published on July 30th, 2020, and it pitted the OnePlus Nord against the Pixel 4a 5G. TheTechBoy researched the cellphones and learned about the specs from different sites to write the review. Most of the content about mobile devices were done in that way. After a year of hard work, TheTechBoy grew and was able to acquire test devices from Planet Computers and Plimpton.

The Solution

Our family-friendly content and contests set TheTechBoy apart from most product review sites and channels. All of TheTechBoy's content is family-friendly and free of expletives and swearing. In its cellphone reviews, TheTechBoy avoids swearing and politics, which are common practices in other tech/mainstream media outlets. Because TheTechBoy appeals to a broader audience, it must comply with COPPA. In addition to this, does not have any advertisements, like many of the larger sites.

This all helps TheTechBoy be markedly different than the large tech review sites and is intended to help TheTechBoy stand out in the crowded market of tech reviews. TheTechBoy also has interesting contest ideas, such as giving away three months of a software subscription and doing an ongoing (at the time of writing) contest that allows children to get published on TheTechBoy. This has been a successful year for TheTechBoy, as the company has turned over its first profit, and has been able to interview prominent tech writers. TheTechBoy also was able to acquire over 15 signatures on the Samsung Micro SD card slot petition and hopes to acquire more.

TheTechBoy’s vision is to become a leader in the tech journalism space and to test out new and emerging devices, such as folding phones, before they are officially released. TheTechBoy also would like to see a good community of TheTechBoy fans who can contact TheTechBoy for technology advice and discussions. TheTechBoy also hopes that children worldwide can use the content to learn about technology in a fun and safe way.

A founder quote

TheTechBoy is a wonderful family-friendly tech website, and I hope you will stop by any time.

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