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Teaching Entrepreneurship To Kids Beyond A Lemonade Stand

What the company does

Miss M Online Classes is a business educational project for kids about marketing, entrepreneurship and financial literacy basics. Through self-paced online courses taken anywhere, anytime, children learn core marketing concepts, how to discover and monetize their talents through starting a kid business.

The Current Landscape

Research (link below) shows that generation alpha – today's primary school children – show early commercial sophistication with entrepreneurial outcomes expected of future education. This is already being proved with 9 of 10 gen Z students willing to run their own business, either part time or full time, with full financial freedom and independence being among their top 5 hopes.

Thus, the trend towards acquiring solid business knowledge is evident from the young age and kid entrepreneurship can be viewed as a goal and a way of creating motivation for kids to pursue learning beyond the classroom.

With entrepreneurship education among school students on the rise, there are many educational resources about starting a business as a child. However, opportunities of learning from actual entrepreneurs who have gone through highs and lows and hold a record of running a successful business of their own, plus a teaching background to “cook” the business knowledge for kids, are very limited.

This is where Miss M Online Classes comes as a quality solution for children and their parents keen to access proper business and marketing education for kids which shows them a bigger picture and elements of enterprising, in order to commercialise kids’ own entrepreneurial ideas.

Company Birth Story

With degrees in teaching and marketing, the founder of Miss M Online Classes, Julie Medeiros developed a sound career as a business professional and ran a successful family business for many years. The pandemic presented a great opportunity to home school her children and this is when she re-discovered her passion for teaching.

Upon validating her degree and returning to classrooms, she noticed huge disengagement in students across primary and secondary schools. Inspired by questions from her own daughters, she decided to share her professional experience and offer quality business education specially tailored for kids 8+.

This is how the project Miss M Online Classes was born.

The Solution

Being a sole creator of the courses, Julie maintains full control over quality of the material and strives to equip children with tangible skills they are ready to apply after taking the courses. Her background in teaching enables her to connect school subjects to real life and inspire children pursue learning beyond the classroom. Thus, she helps create big Why behind academic studies so kids become motivated learners in the first place.

With Julie’s sound business experience on the other hand, she provides comprehensive business education with a focus on marketing. By learning core marketing concepts, illustrated through life-based examples, children are equipped with profound knowledge about competition analysis, pricing approaches, product positioning, features and benefits, needs and wants, segmentation and targeting, branding and more, to help them develop their own business with the knowledge of how different components of a business work together.

By empowering children to learn about earning through discovery of their natural talents and holistic business education, parents help kids acquire future-proof life skills early, so they confidently chase they dreams, not money, when grown up.

A founder quote

“Learn about money making so you can freely chase your dreams”. - Owner

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