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Take Control of Your Flow With the First Menstrual Health Smart Ring

What the company does

FemTek is behind the first menstrual health focussed smart ring built exclusively for women with the goal improving body and cycle literacy. All while you sleep.

With the aim of taking control of your flow and having data that drives you forward, FemTek has created a unique user experience for its users which is to be rivalled.

The Current Landscape

The current wearable market is saturated with smart tech that is built on the male model – many studies exclude the menstrual cycle’s fluctuations from their considerations, and many others that do include the cycle don’t verify the phases of it.

The wearable market treats ovulation and temperature increases as an “illness” and a time to decrease intensity, because an increased temperature in the male form would indicate needing to recover.

Women’s unique physiology is ignored in favour of less variables, and when it is factored in, it’s the textbook 28-day cycle which less than 13% of the menstruating population have.

Around 20% of women have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and 10% of women have endometriosis. These are women where tech must accommodate to their unique profiles – not force a triangle into a round hole. What all these unique profiles have in common, is that they will experience ovulatory cycles which can be confirmed with overnight temperature measurements.

Company Birth Story

FemTek, an Australian made and owned company, uses a non-invasive smart ring which is only worn overnight. It helps to better understand menstrual health and how the body responds during the menstrual cycle; using the Basal Body Ring to track basal temperature, heart rate variability, and heart rate.

Accompanied by the iOS and android app, it boasts a unique user experience to each user. It is centred around the goals, life-stage, hormonal conditions, and contraception used.

The app can be used to monitor fertility, provide recommendations for the best type of training and exercise to partake in based on where the user is in their cycle, and what unique goals/conditions the user is working with.

The breastfeeding tracker allows postpartum women to track their breast feeding and further understand trends and supply which may link with decreased HRV, or increased training volume.

As the app evolves, Femtek hopes to be able to provide users with the most profound level of body literacy they have ever had in their lives. It is not just a fitness app, it is not just a cycle tracking app, it is not just a smart ring.

The Solution

With a current trend of hardware charging an additional software subscription fee, it many users unhappy and continually being gouged. FemTek users are done once they purchase a ring - no more lifelong subscription fees, no more paying to use the app.

With the utmost importance placed on security, FemTek boasts Multi Factor Authentication, end to end encryption of data, and the device acting as a unique RSA token.

Want to find out more about the new #femhack? FemTek’s waitlist is growing by the day. With a limited run for the early adopters, this is not a launch to sleep on.

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