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Sweeten up your day with Javamelts

What is Java Melts?

Javamelts are portable and convenient flavored sugars. They are made with real sugar and are non dairy, and come in a multitude of flavors including Hazelnut, Mocha, French Vanilla and Caramel.

The current industry landscape

Flavored Sugar does not exist in the sugar industry marketplace! If you stroll down the isles you quickly realize that everything is about flavor… with the exception of a few things, especially baking sugar or sugar packets for coffee and tea.

Javamelts has solved this problem!

How the company began

Valentine’s Day 2016 founder Carolyn Barbarite had her “Ah Ha” moment sitting down while her husband was pouring her a cup of coffee!

A few months later, the first Javamelts flavored sugars was created.

The company vision

Carolyn is building a legacy company for her three daughters to be very proud of. She is carving out a new knitch in the coffee, tea, baking and artisan cocktail marketplaces! Javamelts Flavored Sugar will be a global product for all to enjoy and share!

Deliver an experience, not a product and people will come back again and again!

- Carolyn, founder Javamelts

Already the product has been voted as a great gift for family and friends, whether for the holidays or as a birthday present, and has won multiple awards.

About the team

The team is comprised of highly qualified individuals from the coffee, tea, and foodservice sectors. Carolyn lost her entire company during Covid and has rebranded, rebuilt and is now BACK HERE TO STAY! Customer service and delivering an amazing experience with aroma and taste are her priorities.

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