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Simplified investing at Boston Trading

What is Boston Trading?

The team at BostonCoin make it simple and safe for investors to benefit from the emerging market of cryptocurrency; whether one wishes to choose "DIY" or have someone manage a portfolio for them.

Current industry landscape

Currently, there are literally hundreds of thousands of mutual funds or managed funds, and perhaps only a handful of diversified crypto funds. There is obviously a lot of room for the diversified crypto fund market to grow.

The birth of Boston Trading

Jeremy had been a financial adviser for 29 years, and had a great methodology for choosing winning stocks. When he was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2015, he adapted his stock selection criteria, simplified it, and was able to choose the best cryptocurrencies for long-term growth. After a while, other people wanted to learn the technique, so Jeremy and his business partner created the not-for-profit and gave away the intellectual property for free. For those who wish to have someone else manage their portfolio, the duo co-founded the world's first diversified crypto fund, called "BostonCoin", named after Jeremy's Boston terrier puppy.

Boston Trading's success

Since the team started the Bostoncoin fund at, a few other crypto funds have emerged. Grayscale has introduced "monofunds" which invest into only one asset (eg. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Grayscale Ethereum Trust). Other companies have created diversified crypto portfolios, but two others have minimum investment criteria of $100 000+ or are only for institutions. There is plenty of room in the marketplace for new retail diversified crypto funds which cater to ordinary investors, and Bostoncoin are happy to welcome competitors to the space... so long as they acknowledge who was there first! :)

Customer experience

As crypto advertising has been banned on Facebook and Google, for many years the Bostoncoin team have paid people in Bitcoin if they shared the Bostoncoin story. Even though clients and influencers were only paid $5 up to $30 at a time, with growth, their small funds have grown up to 600%.

Other investors in BostonCoin also saw gains up to 300% during the pandemic (whilst stock markets dropped and even bitcoin went down 60%). In the last twelve months, BostonCoin posted 502% return, which has impacted all investors in a very favourable way.

The team culture

Boston Trading Co have a small, close-knit team who have all worked from home to keep overheads down and family life balance (they worked from home even before it was cool). The Bostoncoin team speak Chinese, English and Indonesian, and like to catch up regularly to discuss personal matters, world issues and sometimes, even work!

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