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Scrumptious by Lucy - Gorgeous Brownies and Blondies

What is Scrumptious by Lucy ?

Scrumptious by Lucy an artisan brownies baker based in Sheffield, who produce gorgeous brownies and blondies including a Vegan and Gluten Free range, delivered in Letterbox friendly gift boxes. Their truly personalised customer service and quality is recognised through their incredible number of 5* reviews.

The Current Landscape

As Lucy puts it, not all brownies are brownies, it is how they are made, the ingredients, care and love put into the business which sets it apart? Since Covid, there has been an upsurge of new companies starting up, Facebook, Google etc are full of adverts for brownies and cookies, but so many are heavily decorated, perfectly shaped, lacking that gooey home-made scrumptious look, I do wonder how many will still be here in 12 months. Competition is a good thing as you strive to improve, and it also interesting to see new ideas, but at the end of the day, whether it is a Multinational Marks and Spencer production or a hand made artisan brownie, only the customer can decide.

Company Birth Story

Lucy’s real passion has always been for baking, from sitting with her grandmother at the kitchen worktop baking together, which is something her mother continued with, and now Lucy does the same with her two young boys George and Harry. It is the taste, the smell and the look you can only get from homemade artisan brownies, that are made with love and care which is what led Lucy to bring Scrumptious to the market, and I really feel she has achieved this. It would be so easy to go to mass-produced, factory- made products, good for the bank balance, but in all honestly, this is something she couldn’t put her name and soul into. The 5* reviews rave over Lucy’s brownies and just importantly recognise the care and ownership she puts into the personalised customer service.

The Solution

Scrumptious by Lucy started at the food festivals and street markets in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and in October 2020, moved online with a digital presence purely as a result of market restriction due to Covid, this change in business direction is something Lucy and her family found so exciting.

Their unique hands-on customer service has achieved so many repeat customers and referrals, also the Corporate and Wholesale side of the business is growing quickly, along with an increase in the range of flavours of brownies and blondies complimented by a gluten Free and Vegan range which can easily rival the regular brownies.

The weeks spent designing and sourcing packaging so that the brownies could be ordered online and posted throughout the UK has clearly been worthwhile, the beautiful letterbox size gift box is a masterpiece and allows customers to order without the hassle of having to be in to accept deliveries, and is further complimented by a beautifully elegant range of gift wrap for those special occasions.

This baker’s truly artisan approach, where recipes and skills handed down through the family are still the backbone of the business, as well as being small enough to care, this sets her apart from the soulless large factory productions. This doesn’t mean Lucy does not embrace technology and modern trends and doesn’t want to grow, but using the best ingredients, following tried and trusted methods and above all caring about each and every order, is the mainstay of her vision for the future and that will never be compromised.

With the success and growth, the business has achieved in the past 18 months, change is inevitable, which is an exciting prospect, and something Lucy is looking forward.

The Team Culture

Scrumptious by Lucy although owned by Lucy, involves many other family members, and most importantly to Lucy, her mother who is an accomplished artisan baker has just retired and now works alongside her every day, not many daughters have that privilege.

Everything about Scrumptious by Lucy is run within the family, from recipes, sourcing ingredients, IT and web design through to all the back-office functions, each member of the family plays their own part and they all gel. Plus, the added bonus that not many companies can have a board meeting every day, sat in the kitchen eating brownies.

A founder Quote

Prior to setting up Scrumptious by Lucy I was a full-time maths teacher with a passion for my hobby of baking, I still pinch myself every day and cannot believe I am following my dream with my own Company. I am so looking forward to growing the business, but still keeping the love and passion I have for baking, which I know is shared within the family, and I have great hopes for the future with a new range of cookies and brownies.

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