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Sales Therapy boosting closing rates through company coaching

What is Sales Therapy?

Sales Therapy helps marketing agencies boost their closing rate by coaching them on game-changing sales strategies.

Current industry landscape

With the pandemic affecting many SMBs, inquiries on how they can stay afloat through more effective selling has gone up. In sales, there are instances when clients say “no” so many times but in the end, still, say “yes”. This simply means that selling can be a long process or it can be short as well. It depends on how a business can improve its call and your style with the help of third-party consultants like us.

Why the company was started

Michael Hammelburger, CEO of Sales Therapy started this company because he had received so many inquiries from his network on the need of a sales consultancy and training solutions provider.

About the founder

Michael has been the top-rated sales rep 7 years in a row in multiple firms. Michael founded Sales Therapy to help business owners stop fearing sales calls and see them as the opportunity they really are.


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