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Revolutionising Behavioural Care for ADHD

What Agave Health does

Agave Health is the first specialty virtual clinic dedicated to offering comprehensive care for adults with ADHD, at the best value for money. Services include ongoing personalised skill building, evidence based behavioural therapy (CBT) programs, and unlimited access to virtual coaching and support from a team of ADHD specialists.

Agave Health's Current Landscape

Adult ADHD is misunderstood and poorly addressed, and society as a whole is weakened by it. Generations of adults misdiagnosed in their childhood navigate life with executive function difficulties, getting inadequate and expensive support. Most adults are pushed towards stimulant medication, which provides point solutions but can also come with significant side-effects (both physical and mental), and fail to truly reduce the chaos ADHD causes in one’s life. A secondary layer of care is therapy. Therapy can be especially helpful with addressing psychological effects, but when it isn’t specialised for ADHD, it often materialises as yet another individual in the ADHDer’s life who doesn’t understand how their brain is wired.

The last layer of care is ADHD Coaching. High quality coaching is proven to be one of the most effective solutions for managing ADHD symptoms. It is often hard to find and rather expensive, yet still one of the best investments that can be made to manage one’s ADHD.

Agave rebalances the scale, bringing adults with ADHD the comprehensive, professional and empowering care they deserve, at an affordable price.

Company Birth Story

Inspired by her husband’s ADHD diagnosis and struggles, Eve Mamane, Co-founder of Agave, made it her lifes’ mission to address the tremendous care gap facing adults with ADHD.

Diagnosed in adulthood, her husband was treated with stimulant medication for many years. While it allowed him to develop a successful career, he still struggled with day-to-day organisation and making things less chaotic. This frustration deepened when he started to experience some of the most damaging mental side-effects from his medication. Desperately trying to help him, Eve started to investigate what could be done, and discovered he got the most out of behavioural support, specifically focused on CBT and ADHD Coaching. Witnessing the benefits of this approach first hand while having experienced the difficulties in finding the relevant providers and managing their cost, she decided to build a company to address just that: make the highest quality of behavioural care accessible and affordable to all adults with ADHD.

The Solution

Agave Health’s care is based on two core pillars: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and ADHD Coaching. Each member is matched with an ADHD Coach with whom the member can have a weekly video call in addition to unlimited text chatting via the Agave app. The chatting allows the member to reach out to their Coach whenever they need, at the most convenient and crucial times. In parallel to coaching, members learn how their brain is wired and build skills to work with their brain instead of against it through CBT programs. Developed by a team of psychologists and psychiatrists experts in ADHD, these programs are worked through independently by the members, at their pace. In addition, Agave provides a range of additional features that allow members to track their progress, join a community, and more.

Unlike traditional care, Agave’s approach is risk free. Behavioural care in this form is both adapted to the ADHD brain, as well as non-invasive. Additionally, Agave effectively helps both diagnosed and undiagnosed individuals, as well as both medicated and unmedicated ADHDers.

A Customer Story

ADHD is known to come with heavy comorbidities - such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders etc., particularly among folks undiagnosed until adulthood. One of the most inspiring stories in this area is from Agave Health member, Jaime, who candidly shares his story: ffdd07

A founder quote

“ADHD is so stigmatised and misunderstood despite affecting such a large portion of the population, which is why creating accessible high quality care is a mission of the utmost importance. With all the challenges that come with this, I find it incredibly humbling and inspiring to be building Agave every day.” quote from Eve Mamane, Co-Founder of Agave Health.

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