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Re-Fresh.Global’s Revolution: Transforming Textile Trash into Eco-Treasures

What Re-Fresh.Global does

Re-Fresh.Global is an eco-business founded by Viktoria Kanar and Revital Nadiv-Zivan, innovatively recycling and converting textile waste into new materials. This zero-waste solution contributes to circular economy and compliance with sustainability regulations such as EPR-2025, creating raw fibers for new use in diverse industries from fashion through automotive and construction.

Re-Fresh.Global Current Landscape

The fashion and textile industry is currently experiencing a surge in sustainability initiatives, as businesses and consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly practices, as it is projected to account for 25% of global CO2 emissions by 2050. With the EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD) set to increase textile waste in 2025, stakeholders are seeking improved waste management solutions.

Many companies are exploring innovative solutions to recycle and reuse textile waste, thereby minimizing the sector's environmental impact. A lot of them focus on separating and recapturing polyester and cellulose from waste fabrics, each of them from a different chemical and technological angle. These companies, alongside Re- Fresh.Global, are collectively driving the industry towards a more circular and sustainable future.

Re-Fresh.Global’s innovative technology converts textile waste into raw materials like ethanol, nanocellulose, and sanitized textile pulp, their solution is one of the only ones that allows manufacturers to recycle both natural and synthetic waste, basically every kind of textile material.

Company Birth Story

The Co-Founder and CEO of Re-Fresh Global, Viktoria Kanar, spent her last decade handling pretty much every aspect of fashion publicity, PR campaigns and media relations. Understanding the catastrophic environmental implications of the industry, she decided to dedicate her life to finding sustainable solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry. Together with her co- founder, Fashion designer Revital Nadiv-Zivan, they founded Re- Fresh.Global in 2018. Ever since, they have worked tirelessly to develop a ground-breaking technology to turn textile waste into new materials and products, some of which are as surprising as a real perfume fragrance made from textile waste.

The Solution

Re-Fresh.Global offers unique end-to-end solutions for the Circular Economy in Textiles through their innovative Smart Textile Waste Upcycling Microfactory©. This 1000m2 turn-key urban manufacturing facility supports the EU Waste Framework Directive by smartly collecting, separating, and upcycling large volumes of low-value textile waste into high-value raw materials such as bio- ethanol, nanocellulose, and sanitized multifunctional textile pulp. Re-Fresh.Global aims to establish a franchise-based global network of micro-factories, fostering a radical change in the linear textile industry by embracing Industry 4.0 technologies and promoting a sustainable, eco-friendly approach.

A founder quote

"Every individual holds the power to make a difference, and it is through our collective actions that we can truly reshape our planet for the better. The efforts should be unanimous; we must embrace sustainable practices, and foster a future where Earth thrives in harmony with our innovative spirit." Viktoria Kanar, CEO and co-founder of Re-Fresh.Global

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