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Prevent & Manage Gum Disease Naturally with PeriActiveMouthwash

What PeriActive does

PeriActive mouthwash  is a natural and effective plant based daily mouthwash that not only kills bacteria but reduces inflammation, which is the root cause of gum disease.  PeriActive is a unique product that is based on natural plant based/botanical extracts that can help manage and prevent gum diseases.

PeriActive's Current Landscape

Currently 1/2 of all adults age 35 and older suffer from some form of gum disease, most people are not even aware that they have it. Up until now there has not been a product available that could target inflammation, which is the root cause of gum disease. Other mouthwashes available are Listerine and Chlorhexidine to name a few, but none of these are safe to use long term and non are as effective at treating gum disease.

Company Birth Story

PeriActive was invented by Dr. William Levine, DDS. After being frustrated with the lack of natural and safe products on the market to treat inflammation and gum disease, he began research into creating PeriActive.  After 10 years of scientific research he created PeriActive. PeriActive is a homeopathic mouthwash that uses specific plant bioactives to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and strengthen gum health.  PeriActive is clinically proven to reduce inflammation better than any other product on the market.

The Solution

Most people don’t know that inflammation is the root cause of gum disease. Dr. Levine knew that he had to come up with a mouthwash that killed bacteria as well as reduced inflammation if it was really going to help fight gum disease.

A Customer Story

PeriActive has been distributed only to dentists for the past 10 years and the dentist have seen remarkable results in their patients who use PeriActive. PeriActive has been shown to reduce inflammation and gum bleeding, heals and soothes post oral surgery wounds, helps with all mouth sores, prevents and manages gum disease, helps patients with more rare conditions such as Lichen planus and Burning mouth. It has been remarkable to hear from so many customers that PeriActive just works for them. We are excited to bring PeriActive to the everyone who is concerned about their oral health and are offering a 60 Day money back guarantee.


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