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Personalize your ecommerce site in less than one minute with Dialogue

What the company does

Dialogue is an e-commerce personalization software designed to help online stores increase conversions and improve their website experience. With Dialogue, store owners can customize their store experience for each visitor, providing a truly personalized shopping experience that will keep them coming back for more.

The Current Landscape

According to Statista online sales have played an increasingly significant role in retail. In 2021, e-commerce was responsible for nearly 20% of retail sales worldwide. Studies indicate that by 2025, the online sector will make up close to a quarter of total global retail sales. The ongoing rise in digital shopping demends comes with an endless battle for ecommerce brands, making success as an ecommerce store owner in a highly competitive field incredibly challenging. There are existing solutions that enable merchants to utilize the power of AI on their website, but Dialogue is the only one that is specifically built to meet the demands of SMBs.

Company Birth Story

Dialogue was founded in 2019 by Omri Katz, an experienced serial entrepreneur. His last company helped publishers increase session time by providing engaging content. Omri is also well-versed in eCommerce, having run a business selling children's items on Amazon and Shopify.

Omri's exposure to eCommerce's difficulties and potential as a result of originating from a brand perspective, along with his personal experience in developing tech products, led him to establish Dialogue, an intelligent tech solution designed for the size and requirements of eCommerce SMBs.

The Solution

Dialogue fills a void in the eCommerce environment. Online merchants frequently overlook the online purchasing experience, resulting in 98 percent of online visitors leaving the online store without purchasing.

Compering to other solutions (Like Nosto, Rebuy, Limespot and more), with Dialogue merchants are able to create AI-powered recommendations in seconds and design them to fit their brand identity. In fact, Dialogue is built for both beginners and advanced merchants: From easy-to-use beautiful templates to an advanced CSS editor. Furthermore, Dialogue enables store owners to use their current rich content (such as videos and photographs) in unique ways, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates.

Dialogue tech combines expertise from the world of psychology with cutting-edge technology to uncover new patterns in the user's behavior and predict what the user wants NOW.

A Customer Story

Dialogue has already enabled hundreds of brands across the world, including L'occitane, KIKO-MILANO, nununu, Trescolori, GA-DE, and many more, in increasing their bottom line by utilizing powerful personalization technology with a simple and easy to use interface.

The Team Culture

As a company that strives for “brutal honesty” inside the company culture and out, transparency is of utmost importance to Dialogue. Making sure that every merchant, agency, or service provider has all the data it needs at all times to make the best conclusions according to their interests.

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