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Pearl Lemon the future of the SEO business

What the company does?

Pearl Lemon is an award winning remote team that offers multiple services. Such as SEO, PR , Lead Generation, Consulting , etc. The brands that are included in the company are Pearl Lemon SEO, Pearl Lemon Leads, Plant Sumo, and many more. The team is incredibly experienced and highly proficient in a wide range of skills from all over the world.

The Current Landscape

With the SEO sector constantly expanding, automation and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important. The way people connect with media outlets is controlled by algorithms. People interacting with Siri, voice search automation, all of this has an impact on the SEO sector and current events. It is becoming increasingly technologically sophisticated. Pearl Lemon is here to show you how to do it effectively.

Company Birth Story

It all began with Deepak. Started with no experience. At his mothers house. scaled it to a nearly £300K business in under 2 years.

Deepak started to build his reputation through Upwork, this is where he first accomplished his reputation and skills. Then as his reputation had a bigger audience, he decided to start a team. After interviewing a number of SEO providers from around the world, he chose a team in India led by Semil Shah to develop an SEO team.

He wanted to make sure he hired the greatest individual or team possible at the moment since he realized his main focus should be on creating the business rather than implementing SEO.

It was determined that Pearl Lemon would concentrate on this particular niche. With this niche, the concept of recurring revenue, which made a lot of sense conceptually, became a practical reality.

Since then, the company has expanded into PR, PPC, Content Writing, and app development.

The Solution

Deepak, the founder, has listed the seven things that Pearl Lemon has been doing to set itself apart from competitors and maintain its success on his blog. As a company, they are continually launching new brands, which allows them to optimize the SEO element too.

1. Identifying Low Competition ‘Buying Keywords’

2. Target the same keyword across multiple different sites to dominate the SERPs

3. Listicle Outreach

4. FAQ inclusion

5. Keywords Insertions

6. Identifying New Pages To Build Based Upon Current Rewards

7. Removing Irrelevant Content

Pearl Lemon’s 6 core values that are seen on the website are Transparency, Valuable contributions, Best Talent, Results Driven, Tech Savvy, and Nurturing relationships.

They strive to reach every client and fulfill every client's needs in an efficient way.

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