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New Frontiers - A Creative and Flexible Coaching Model

What is New Frontiers ?

New Frontiers provides individualized (and in some cases, group settings) executive functioning/academic coaching and transition support across the lifespan, and also provide professional development to teachers/professors/support staff as well as employers.

Current Landscape

The coaching industry is having a bit of a renaissance. Particularly since the pandemic, people have really had an opportunity to take stock of their lives, their values, their goals –and in many cases, recognizing that not only do they not have very concrete ones in place, but they may not necessarily have the tools/perspective to set these up in a way that they can be worked on (and ultimately achieved). So while coaching isn’t a new concept, I think historically it’s been a bit limited to folks in upper echelon positions. More recently, I think people are finding it much more comfortable (and perhaps socially acceptable) to not only ask for help, but to accept it—and those two steps are the key ingredients to progress!

Competition is a tricky thing to define in this industry. There are SO many different types of coaching, and different size firms (ranging from the many solo practitioners to the larger providers), and even different styles of coaching—it’s quite the opposite of a one-size-fits-all situation. That said, with particular focus on executive function coaching, there aren’t a ton of folks specifically focusing on this work (more often you’ll find people will incorporate aspects of this into their work). Regardless, we spend less time thinking about what our competitors might be doing and more time focusing on what we believe/know is the RIGHT thing to do, and do the best job we can.

Company Birth Story

The business was born out of my previous experience in the education world. My family builds and operates private schools, mainly in/around NYC. Over the years, we’ve been involved in all types of programs—general education, special education, early childhood, K-12, and various cross-permutations of these. One of our (now former) schools (which still exists though we no longer operate it) had a group of students aging out/preparing for the transition to college. There was a concern (amongst their parents predominantly) that they maybe didn’t have the tools currently to make that transition successfully (less from an academic perspective and more from a social/life skills POV), which motivated me to look into that issue beyond our school, at both the K-12 (so kids graduating high school) and post-secondary (kids entering college)—and it turned out that our families weren’t the only ones with concerns (and in the case of students already in college, on-going challenges).

The Solution

This eventually led us to a larger realization (you could say a lightbulb went off…which is an important element of our logo J): The transition to adulthood is for many people the most significant shift in expectations, required skills and self-advocacy up to that point in time—and from that moment on, the reality of that shift (that life is a constant stream of new (and potentially confusing/usually not well explained) experiences and challenges) becomes THE reality. SOCIETY AT LARGE DOESN’T DO MUCH TO PREPARE US FOR WHAT’S TO COME (and leaves particular groups of people in a significantly disadvantaged position as a result).

Our work revolves around helping individuals develop foundational and specific-to-the-individual skills and strategies necessary to navigate the vagaries of life (be they focused on academic, career, or day-to-day success—as they define success), and is delivered via a coaching model, through the lens of executive functioning skills development. The work is applied to all shapes and sizes of conventional and unconventional learners and individuals. We deliver our supports in-person and virtually, as preferred by our clients.

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