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Med Travel Hub-Travel Experiences for Healthcare Professionals

What is Med Travel Hub ?

What is more exciting than traveling the world? Traveling the world with a community that shares your daily struggles, and understands the need for a vacation. That is what Med Travel Hub creates. The company provide curated travel experiences for healthcare professionals, and offer the connections that can be missing in extracurricular life.

Company Birth Story

The company came as a product of a travel nurse looking for friends who shared his similar passions. With the boom of travel nursing in recent years, combined with the stress of the job, vacations and a good circle of peers are a necessity. Jonathan Pierre saw this gap existing in healthcare back in 2019, and decided he wanted to book a flight, but not by himself. Instead, he got a group of 15 other healthcare workers together to go on an adventure to Thailand. It dawned on him, why not do this again? And so he did. Since then, Jonathan has been building Med Travel Hub into an organization that provides a resource to healthcare workers to do what they love, with their new found tribe.

The Solution

The current market does not offer much to healthcare professionals in the way of community or travel benefits, especially contract specialists like travel nurses. With so little support and so much trauma sustained by nurses in these last three years, the recognition of a product solution has never been more relevant. Not only does Med Travel Hub open its doors to any healthcare professional ready to book an adventure, they market their services as an employee rewards program to travel agencies. It is no secret nurses are leaving the profession in droves for feelings of burnout, lack of support, and undervaluation. This trend may only increase, as recent media highlights that nurses can also face criminal charges, without any defense or protection from their employers. Therefore, it is a core mission of Med Travel Hub to serve as a support system, and offer experiences that allow nurses to recharge and relax so that they can continue in their profession. In the company model that offers the employee rewards program, The Hub differs from competition by offering the community and rejuvenating experiences. Corporate employers cannot offer the extent of support needed to work continuously in an intense healthcare environment. Travel agencies as well have never had to focus so highly on retention until the COVID-19 pandemic made it a popular healthcare venture. With the growing competition of travel agencies, and financial incentive alone not being able to keep employees, a rewards and community based solution is imperative. The Hub offers a community that helps uphold healthcare professionals found in other peers who are familiar with the same day in and day out challenges. It also offers rest, relaxation, and adventure via travel to restore the healthcare workers’ spirit and keep them running in a high speed job.

The company has only grazed the surface of what it hopes to offer to this overlooked and undervalued community. In the future vision of the company, The Hub hopes to offer nurse mentorship and comprehensive wellness programs. Nurse mentorship is critical to encouraging the next generation of nurses to commit to a quickly dwindling workforce. When surveying our own community on the challenges of starting their careers, a resounding feedback was lack of more seasoned professionals who were willing to mentor and engage while still a new graduate. By creating this program, we hope to coach students into a successful and sustainable career. Comparatively, the comprehensive wellness programs will focus on maintaining the mental and physical health of healthcare professionals and nurses currently active in their field. This will be achieved through liaising with the strong community of healthcare entrepreneurs who have built companies and side hustles focused on wellness. In this way we support fellow small businesses, and create the regenerative space healthcare workers need.

Even on travel not exclusively focused on wellness, travelers’ experiences on Med Travel Hub trips have been reviewed as being life changing and improving their mental outlook on nursing. So far in 2022, The Hub has visited Dublin for St. Paddys Day, and has two trips to Machu Picchu planned in April and May. One traveler from a recent trip told us, “I never knew I could meet such a positive and supportive community in my own profession. I wish I had this kind of community surrounding me when I began nursing. It would have made a world of difference…being able to relate and share the experiences of our last two years in particular has been such a release of mental weight. The community you meet on these trips is exactly the people I want around me, I can’t wait for the next one.” And she wasn’t bluffing, she has since booked three more trips for this year alone.

Team Culture

The core team right now consists of Jonathan Pierre, CEO and Catherine Rogers, COO. Rogers ran into Pierre at the Travelers Conference in Las Vegas, NV last year. Rogers is known to be passionate about travel, and the “trip master” among her friends. Therefore, upon a friend telling her that Pierre owned and ran a travel company specifically for healthcare workers and nurses, she couldn’t resist pitching herself on the spot and the duo have been in business since. Pierre himself is no stranger to risk taking and being persistent in his career. Launching the business in 2019, Pierre was able to take a total of 5 trips before COVID-19 determined it had other plans for them. However, time was not wasted, as Pierre took those months to connect with other entrepreneur minds, and create bridges within the industry. Pierre is passionate about travel, education, and diversity. He has spoken at several nursing colleges, and presented at the Travelers Conference on the dangers of the lack of diversity in Healthcare. Additionally, he is currently working with other leaders in the diversity, equity, and inclusion platform to create accreditation and seminars to correct the glaring issues present. Rogers has similar priorities and is currently pursuing her Masters in Nursing Education, hoping to apply it to the mentorship programs down the line. Additionally, the team has four acting travel liaisons who lead trips throughout the year, and help to promote the company through social media. The team is diverse and truly a funny bunch. On our last trip to Dublin, they enjoyed making videos for social media together, comically struggling with the content, but succeeding in making others laugh.

Pierre is known for his skills as a motivator and often likes to sign off emails and texts with quotes like, “Little by little becomes a lot” or “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Rogers on the other hand, prefers her motivation via humor and will respond with sign offs such as "People often say motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That is why we recommend it daily.” It is in these small dynamics that the team keeps their upbeat attitude needed for the ever growing business. In the last three months alone, the company’s social media has seen over a 33% increase in activity and users, as well as the calendar of trips almost doubling in demand. With this momentum, the company hopes to continue their upward ascent and continue to change the face of employee appreciation in the healthcare industry.

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