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How executives are building a powerful LinkedIn presence in 45 mins a week

What the company does

Fluex Media helps executives at B2Bs build an authentic, consistent presence on LinkedIn and get the most out of the platform while investing only 45 minutes of their time per week.

The Current Landscape

LinkedIn is no longer an online resume platform used mostly by jobseekers and head-hunters. Today, it’s all about personal branding and networking opportunities. While the opportunities are limitless, most executives do not have the time or strategy know-how to build an authentic, consistent presence. There are service providers who offer some LinkedIn support – coaches guide you, copywriters write posts, marketers create generic content or repurpose content from other platforms without optimizing for LinkedIn, lead gen companies send generic mass messages – but nobody does it all, with real people running the show to deliver real results.

Company Birth Story

After an unusual and winding entry into the corporate world, Joel Freund was hired as the CEO at a national telecom company and tasked with bringing the product to market. He wasn’t told that the company had spent their entire budget on product development, leaving a grand total of $0 for marketing. Joel turned to LinkedIn to successfully build brand awareness and start conversations with the right people in a free, organic manner. He then did the same for a friend, and then another, all free of charge, until he left his role to found Fluex Media. One partnership, many hires, and countless difficult but exhilarating decisions later, Fluex Media is serving tens of B2Bs in several countries… and just getting started.

The Solution

Fluex Media offers an all-inclusive service: research, custom strategy, profiles, daily posting, growing the network, engaging, testimonials, monthly reporting, and quarterly strategy reviews. This scope, plus the emphasis on strategy, and the unique content creation and voice-capturing system, sets Fluex Media apart from its competitors. Proof of its success? Over 90% of clients come directly through LinkedIn – primarily via Joel Freund’s content. Joel is actually a client at the company – his content goes through the exact same process as that of all Fluex Media clients. The company vision is twofold: to create a truly healthy workplace that fosters open and honest communication and cultivates the leaders of the next generation; and to grow Fluex Media into a comprehensive content creation hub for today’s influential voices in business.

The Team Culture

The Fluex Media team is very diverse, but they share one thing: common core values. The core values are not a forgotten document full of generic jargon, as they too often are – they are simple and practical, and inform every decision. Every member on the team is a giving person in their personal and professional lives. While not all can go as far as the founder, Joel Freund, who donated his kidney to a stranger (!), every member on the team is here to help. Four words you’ll never hear? “That’s not my job.”

A founder quote

Go out there and be you. Stand for something. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay. Many more people will become fans.

- Joel Freund, Founder and CEO, Fluex Media

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