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Keep notified with Wisp

What is Wisp?

Wisp is a notification feed that brings a personalized inbox to online stores. These days, everyone is familiar with the red dot that indicates a new message or email. Wisp taps into this familiarity to engage visitors with their onsite notification feed. Marketers can use their feed to guide the customer journey, complete with powerful targeting and call-to-action features. Wisp works with all web platforms and is integrated with over 300 email platforms. Wisp empowers businesses to connect with their customers while they’re onsite.

Current industry landscape

Wisp competes against traditional methods of onsite marketing and engagement, like popups and widgets. But no one else is offering an intelligent feed that supercharges an online store while also decluttering it. Too many widgets make a page slow and visually overwhelming for visitors.

The creation of Wisp

Wisp grew from its parent company Wisepops. Wisepops is a popup SaaS. The Wisepops team started thinking about how some visitors want a deeper engagement with brands but no channel existed that was onsite, personalized, and passive. The ‘a-ha’ moment came when they observed how core notification feeds are to most apps, and realized that ecommerce sites don’t have them. Now they do, with Wisp.

Wisp's development

Last month Wisp delivered over 9 million notifications. They launched and are servicing customers all over the world. The feed is easy to install and can be customized to fit into a storefront’s UI. Wisp is constantly developing new features to keep up with the imaginations and ambitions of the merchants they serve.

A customer story

Here’s what Wisp customer Behram, CX + UX Designer at Korendy, had to say about Wisp:

"Non-intrusive marketing has never been so useful and effective. Customers love to engage with the Wisp notifications."

And Behram isn't joking. Korendy customers who engage with Wisp notifications have a CR of 16.7% vs. 1.7% for customers who don't open the feed. Customers who engage with Korendy's Wisp feed view 329% more pages and generate 58% of revenue.

The work culture

Wisp and its parent company Wisepops are fully remote, even pre-Covid. They have staff working for both organizations all around the world, many of whom are ex-Amazon, Facebook, Shopify and Revolut. The team members work autonomously but collaborate regularly to share ideas, develop new features and refine Wisp's products. Jordan, the Head of Agencies and Partnerships for Wisp, is the team member most Wisp customers would know. He’s supported by Wisp's development team, largely based in Europe.

The team is all in on customer experience. They are in the growth phase and the success of every customer is important to Wisp. They want their customers to be happy and to enjoy the onsite marketing experiences Wisp is building.

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