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The Vanguard of Cryptocurrency

What the Company Does

Boston Trading Co manages the world's first diversified crypto mutual fund, or "coin of coins". They make investing in crypto safe, simple and effective for anyone, just as Vanguard did with stocks in 1971. The Bostoncoin fund has been running since 2016 and has outperformed Bitcoin for 5+ years.

The Current Landscape

Many crypto prices may have tumbled over the past year, but zooming out to 2-3 years, the prices are way up. The crypto industry is slowly being infiltrated by billionaires, hedge fund managers and traditional banks, so mainstream adoption is happening. Despite regulatory uncertainty by the SEC and CTFC, the industry continues to grow. Blockchain technology has been adopted by stock exchanges in Australia, health departments, shipping & exports and other industries such as real estate. Comparatively, crypto is in a similar space to where the internet was in 1999: there may be some volatility and some failures (Netscape), but there are also some gargantuan opportunities (Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Google).

What competitors exist?

Presently, there are only 5-10 diversified crypto funds in the entire world. The majority of these started 2-3 years ago, so they cannot show a seven-year track record like Bostoncoin. Fair warning: two crypto mutual funds recently went bankrupt, due to overleverage or being under diversified (3AC had around 40% of their portfolio invested into the failed LUNA project). Just as Vanguard opened the floodgates for thousands of other stock mutual funds, it will be good to see scores of new competitors in the crypto mutual fund marketplace. Investors should obviously do some research into the project, the fund and the founders to ensure legitimacy.

Company Birth Story

Jeremy Britton has 20+ years of experience in stock markets and financial planning; portfolio construction, stock selection and is a best-selling economic author. His first book predicted the 2008 Global Financial Crisis two years ahead of time, and in his free newsletter, he warned investors of the 2020 crash, a full six months before the pandemic. When Britton discovered crypto markets in 2015, he recognised the area as a fledgling stock market and created his own diversified and well-researched investment portfolio.

After a while, other 'crypto-curious' investors asked him to manage their portfolios and he gently declined until the pressure became too great. The world's first crypto mutual fund was created around a dining room table with the assistance of financial planners, accountants and corporate lawyers. After the legalities and logistics were ironed out, the team struggled to come up with a name and a logo, as there was a plethora of nerds and not a single creative person in the room! Just then, Britton's Boston Terrier walked into the room and the new company suddenly had both a name and a logo!

The Solution

Bostoncoin was not only the world's first diversified crypto mutual fund, it was also the first to list on Morningstar (the "who's who" of mutual funds used by accountants and financial planners). The company were also the first to accept funds from 401K's, Roth IRA's, Self-Managed Superannuation Funds and Family Trusts. Unlike some competitors who insist on a minimum investment size of US$100 000 and a 20-30% performance fee, the Boston team believe that "investing is for everyone". Bostoncoin requests a minimum of $10 000 and has a management fee of 2%pa, in line with most mutual funds, with 0% performance fee.

A Customer Story

Many customers have sadly discovered Bostoncoin after previously losing money to a scam, rug-pull, memecoin, or something that was recommended by a friend or paid shill on Youtube or Tiktok. The typical mutual fund client has cash to invest but little spare time to do research: just like stock mutual funds, Boston Trading Co take care of the investors crypto portfolio so they can take care of their busy lifestyle. Some early investors made 300+% in their first year: truly life-changing gains that exceed ten times what they may have made in stocks, bonds or property. Over the last three years, investors who chose only Bitcoin would have been up around 250% (even allowing for the June 50% crash). The Bostoncoin diversified crypto portfolio has returned 291% over the last three years.

In addition to supporting several charities, and changing the lives of over 200 000 children in emerging nations, the Bostoncoin team maintain a not-for-profit educational service at to help educate investors and protect them from rogue operators

The Team Culture

The team is multicultural: the founders are male & female, Australian & Eurasian, with team members who speak 3-5 languages. Everyone works from home and some of the team have worked together for several years longer than Bostoncoin, on prior businesses. The core values are Fun, Education & Profit, in that order. The team claim there is a lot more laughter in meetings than you would hear in a traditional financial services company

A Founder Quote

"Being rich is having money. Being wealthy is having time." Jeremy Britton

"Always have time for yoga, laughter and playing with puppies." Jennifer Robertson

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