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In Just Five Years this Fintech Has Emerged to Lead a Trillion Dollar Market

What UNest Does

UNest has revolutionized how parents save for their children's future. The company’s mobile app helps parents easily open and manage tax-advantaged investment accounts for their kids. UNest simplifies saving for all child-related expenses such as college, a first car or apartment, with investment options tailored to each family's needs and preferences.

UNest also includes a gifting feature that makes it easy for family and friends to contribute to a child’s account. Parents also receive rewards in their child’s account when they shop with over a hundred UNest brand partners including Disney+, DoorDash, and Nike.

UNest's Current Landscape

As education costs continue to rise, parents are increasingly seeking effective ways to save for their children's education and other important life stages. This has led to a surge in the demand for accessible financial solutions that provide a seamless experience and personalized investment options for families of all income levels.

There are many ways that parents can save for their kid’s future. This includes 529 plans that are offered by each of the fifty US states. UNest is the only multi-faceted saving and investment solution to help parents also add funds to their child’s account through gifting and rewards.

Company Birth Story

Ksenia Yudina founded U-Nest in 2018 to help parents, regardless of their knowledge of finance or level of wealth, access the best possible way to save for their children’s education.

Ksenia’s inspiration to start UNest can be traced back to her experience in senior management at the country’s largest 529 provider.  It was here that she recognized that children are always the first priority for families looking to manage their finances. Ksenia realized that countless families did not have access to a convenient way to avoid the kind of student loans and debt she had experienced.

Ksenia decided to invest her own money in building UNest – an app that would make it exponentially easier for parents to set up and manage their and their kid’s financial lives.

The Solution

UNest has achieved an outstanding level of success since becoming available in 2020. UNest demystifies the previously complex process of setting up saving plans for education and other important life stages with a paperless approach that takes only five minutes to set up. Since its founding in 2018, UNest has added over 650,000 parents and kids to its platform and has emerged as the leading family saving solution.

A Customer Story

Garrett is a military veteran and single parent to Skylar, his 9-year-old daughter. He recognized that to successfully navigate all the expenses of raising a child he would need to save and invest diligently. Garrett set up a UNest account for Skylar three years ago and has seen her account grow exponentially. The account has been supplemented with contributions from friends and family, and also from rewards Garrett has earned when shopping with UNest’s brand partners.

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