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Hyper Personalized Coaching Solutions to Help People Move Smarter, Get Healthier and Live Happier

What PEAR Health Labs does

Augmenting digital fitness and wellness training with artificial intelligence technology, PEAR Health Labs builds adaptive solutions that empower individuals and communities to improve their health, fitness and happiness. PEAR’s biometrically informed, AI-driven and sports science-proven coaching experiences are hyperpersonalized for individual consumers, employees, Medicare beneficiaries, the government and military, and insurance plan members.

The current landscape

Across industries, AI's exponential and striking rise highlights the technology’s burgeoning mainstream popularity and massive impact on society. As AI rapidly evolves and expands, the technology transforms health and fitness — empowering individuals to maximize their workouts for efficiency, results and safety with personalized guidance, progress-based feedback and data-driven insights.

PEAR Health Labs strives to understand the market’s dynamics, trends and the overall ecosystem to make personalized fitness coaching more accessible.

What competitors exist?

The digital fitness world has evolved significantly over the last decade-plus as new features and capabilities emerge. Some of the world’s first sports and fitness apps — remember Fit Phone? — enabled users to track the exact route of their run or bike ride, but they’ve evolved well beyond those bare-bones beginnings.

Today’s fitness apps empower users with a more personalized, integrated and holistic view of their health and wellness. From wearable device integration to personalization, fun social features and virtual coaching, new functionality and capabilities illustrate the industry’s impressive recent progress.

Company birth story

Founded as PEAR Sports in 2014, PEAR Health Labs has spent the past decade optimizing adaptive fitness coaching software to help people move smarter and live healthier, happier and more active lives. The company acquired Aaptiv in 2021 to combine Aaptiv's leading fitness app with PEAR's hyperpersonalized, adaptive coaching capabilities. Now, Aaptiv is expanding its reach and impact even further by delivering the most advanced digital and in-person health experiences to Medicare beneficiaries, employers and payers, fitness and wellness providers, and the public sector in the pursuit of inspiring better health through preventative measures.

The solution

Delivering adaptive digital fitness coaching, Aaptiv by PEAR Health Labs is an AI-powered solution that provides recommendations and access to personalized digital workouts that can be done at home, on the go or in one of many nearby Aaptiv fitness network facilities. Offering the industry’s largest and highest-quality fitness network with 25,000+ locations, Aaptiv provides access to more leading local and national fitness brands and boutique studios — including Orangetheory Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and the Y — than any other offering.

Built on the PEAR Training Intelligence platform, Aaptiv is uniquely designed to adapt based on the user’s progress to create realistic expectations that help facilitate boosted productivity and improved well-being. Empowering people to work out when, where and how they want, Aaptiv leverages PEAR Health Labs’ “exercise is medicine” approach to optimize user experiences and health outcomes.

A founder quote

“Technology has transformed countless aspects of our everyday lives — and now it’s revolutionizing how we approach our health and fitness. With our solution, anyone can have access to personal training in the palm of their hand, no matter where they are or what their fitness level may be. At PEAR Health Labs, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest, happiest life — and we're excited to help pioneer this digital fitness revolution.” — Bob Allison, PEAR Health Labs founder and CEO

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