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How This Startup is Helping US Companies Unlock the True Potential of Remote Work

What Revelo Does

Revelo provides end-to-end remote staffing solutions that enable US companies to quickly and easily source, hire, and manage full-time, top-quality, remote software engineers based in Latin America.

The Current Landscape

In 2023 the talent shortage remains a top challenge for the tech industry and companies outside of the industry delving into tech initiatives like digital transformation.

Despite remote work becoming a new norm that has unlocked the old hiring paradigm and extended the resource pool to a global footprint, many companies continue to use hiring solutions that don't maximize this shift (e.g., traditional staffing, internal recruitment, and marketplaces).

Revelo’s Birth Story

In 2014, while the world was riding the next wave of technological innovation, Lachlan de Crespigny and Lucas Mendes observed two obstacles constraining the tech industry's potential for growth and advancement: The increasing demand for tech expertise in countries like the US was growing faster than their talent pool could accommodate, and geography was limiting opportunities for top tech talent.

Lachlan and Lucas set out to bridge the gap by connecting US companies with Latin American talent, founding Revelo in 2015.

Revelo’s Solutions

Our solution focuses on equalizing access and opportunity:

  • We leverage strong, local community ties to build the largest talent network for software engineers and developers in Brazil and across Latin America.

  • We utilize technology to operate the platform at scale with low cost, increasing the speed of hiring and ease of talent management.

  • We simplify and de-risk the process of sourcing, hiring, and managing remote international employees for US companies.

How we differ from competitors:

  • End-to-end support throughout a developer's engagement with a company: Revelo provides support with payroll, taxes, local compliance, and access to best-in-class benefits. Plus, routine follow-ups with engineers to ensure engagement and retention.

  • Market penetration: 300k+ pre-vetted developers, making our online platform the world's largest for US companies to hire remote Latin America-based developers.

  • Strong community ties: We know Latin American talent, their aspirations, and their motivations.

  • Time zone alignment: Candidates in US time zones, which ensures higher availability and productivity.

So far, we've helped over 250 companies scale their engineering teams while expanding our Latin American talent network across 16 countries.

Client & Candidate Stories: Working With Revelo

[Client-Side]: For Curacubby, a fintech startup and the US Department of Commerce's Minority e-Commerce Firm of the Year, finding talent with the right technical fit and cultural mindset was only the beginning. They needed a partner that would anticipate the knowns and unknowns and provide the type of end-to-end support that would free them up to focus on other critical business areas. Click here to hear more about how Revelo helped them build a top-quality tech team synergistic with their mission.

[Candidate-Side]: For Moisés, a backend engineer and new father, having a partner that would work to get him the best benefits was crucial for the next step in his career. Through Revelo, not only was he able to find these things and pursue the career of his dreams with a US company, but he also provided for his family in ways that exceeded his expectations. Click here to hear more.

Founder’s Quote

“What we do empowers two of the most important trends in the world today: Accelerating American innovation and decreasing the impact of the ovarian lottery.

America has created the greatest system for driving prosperity that the world has ever seen. New innovations and products created by the American system have improved the lives of billions of people around the world.

The only thing holding back faster advancement is the lack of access to talent - the software developer unemployment rate is currently lower than 2%. We help fill that gap, allowing American companies to grow, compete, innovate, and improve the world. At the same time, we give life-changing opportunities to people across Latin America who now have the opportunity to improve their lives and fulfill their potential on a scale never before possible.”

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