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Hassle-free cleaning with MaidThis

What is MaidThis?

MaidThis offers hassle-free house cleaning for busy individuals and vacation rental hosts (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.). This short-term rental cleaning franchise can be run remotely from anywhere, making it perfect for millennial entrepreneurs who value their freedom, flexibility, and ability to live the lifestyle they want.

About the industry

The top factor that sets MaidThis apart from other cleaning companies is that they are the first and ONLY US-based vacation rental cleaning franchise that exists. MaidThis's goal is to make the customer experience super easy and super seamless — this is what a lot of people want but many local companies cannot provide. MaidThis meets the increasing consumer demand for websites that make online bookings and automated reservations a breeze. The franchise leverages the newest technology and software to create a low-cost, fully remote franchise — this means it is easier than ever for entrepreneurial folk to become a franchisee.

“My greatest achievement has been building a global team — we’re across 7 different countries — and visiting team members around the world. Proving that a local business can be done completely remotely and setting up the systems for others to do this have also been major achievements in my business journey.” - Neel Parekh, Founder & CEO of MaidThis

The Inspiration for MaidThis

Neel Parekh, founder of MaidThis, originally started his career in the cubicle-corporate grind, working in venture capital. His goal was to start a side hustle and eventually quit his job… he wanted the digital nomad lifestyle of working while traveling the world. Therefore, he focused on the traditionally ‘remote’ business model. This included things like creating an eCommerce website, dropshipping, blogging about pet hair vacuums (yeah, seriously), and more… none of it really took off at all. Eventually, Neel stumbled across a post on Reddit by someone who started a cleaning company — this inspired him to launch MaidThis! Because the franchise is fully remote from day one, it is a very lean operation from a business perspective. Customers get access to the MaidThis playbook and training on how to do it all! The coolest part — franchisee owners can start this franchise as a side-hustle and eventually quit their jobs and manage it full time, which means there is lower risk. There is explosive growth in the in-demand, fast-paced vacation rental industry, fueled by Airbnb® and other popular short-term vacation rental websites. Franchisees are able to follow a proven business model and tackle the growing short-term rental market.

MaidThis’s vision

The goal of MaidThis is to get to 20+ franchise locations with highly motivated franchise owners who also want a lifestyle business and their own sense of freedom. MaidThis’s vision is to create freedom for their global team members (including cleaners) and customers to be able to safely live out their purpose. MaidThis does this by providing the most hassle-free cleaning service possible. Another goal is to send $100,000 in micro-loans (via for now) by 2025 to help less fortunate individuals have the opportunity to achieve their own level of freedom. Finally, MaidThis strives to provide life-changing freedom (location/time/financial) for their franchise owners, who will push forward this mission and build their own MaidThis Family & Community.

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