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GUIDEcx, Customer Onboarding Category Leader

What the Company Does in the Current Landscape

GUIDEcx®—the category creator and leader in client onboarding and project management software—pairs an intuitive and transparent onboarding platform with an unrivaled team of professionals dedicated to guiding customers to success.

Designed for companies that need to implement their products or services for their customers, GUIDEcx is a client onboarding project platform that helps deliver projects faster, assists in eliminating roadblocks and engagement issues, and speeds up time to value for customers. By taking innovative paths to guide our customers through complex problems, GUIDEcx helps facilitate an easy and transparent experience that unites teams for a common goal.

At GUIDEcx, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by putting people first. Through an approach founded on visibility and trust, we have built a reputation of empowering our customers with the skills they need to achieve their implementation goals.

Recognized as the leader in the customer onboarding category, GUIDEcx is ranked No. 1 for “Best Relationship” by top B2B review website G2, named the “Best Customer Success Tool” by Customer Success Collective, and received the “Best SaaS Products for Customer Services/CRM” and “Bespoke SaaS Solution of the Year” awards at the 2022 SaaS awards. In addition, GUIDEcx was named one of the fastest-growing companies in 2022 by Growjo.

Company Birth Story

GUIDEcx’s origin story is a fascinating one. While working with a SaaS company that offers a unified solution for auto dealers, Peter Ord and his sales team experienced all the frustrations of poor customer experiences. Peter recognized they needed a platform that could better onboard customers. With his background in construction management, he knew that critical path platforms were on the market; however, after much research, he soon realized that a solution for customer onboarding did not exist.

Peter realized he could create an onboarding platform that would deliver an optimized experience with built-in dependency logic and notifications. With that in mind, he left his position to start his own company. Born in November of 2017 under the original brand name of BEYND, GUIDEcx was the first software of its kind. Using the same methodology with which he had approached construction management, Peter set out to do what very few people have done in the SaaS world. He designed a platform that would ensure a successful customer experience for organizations onboarding clients and created an entirely new category: customer onboarding.

From its humble beginnings—including an initial first meeting with future COO Harris Clarke at Cabela’s and frequent meetings at a local ice cream shop—the company has grown to over 100 employees, recently raised $20 million in Series B funding, and continues to lead the customer onboarding category with frequent recognitions from external review sites.

Says Peter about his experience developing the GUIDEcx platform, “The thought of helping B2B companies level up their customer experience to meet the modern customer expectations of the modern-day consumer, that was the lightbulb moment!”

The Solution

The GUIDEcx platform provides transparency into the onboarding process, which allows stakeholders to track roadblocks, customer engagement, and implementation costs. It also allows customers and internal team members to forecast project completion dates and quickly eliminate any issues in the process. GUIDEcx differs from similar platform solutions by focusing on client implementation with a focus on the customer experience. Key features within the platform ease the complexity of customer onboarding and increase client interaction.

Some of the latest features include an updated Customer Dashboard that delivers valuable insight into customer health and project status updates. The new CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) tool delivers customer feedback after a task or the entire project is completed, which helps enable decisions about modifying processes that need updating.

Clients have seen incredible results after implementing GUIDEcx, Epion Health beat its onboarding time by 60 days. G&A Partners reduced their customer implementation time by 25%. And Kount was able to increase their capacity by 40%. These are just a few of our customer success stories.

GUIDEcx continues to roll out additional solutions through features that are transforming the SaaS landscape. With 250,000 projects under our belt, GUIDEcx’s purpose-built new client implementation and onboarding platform provides a faster way to get customers up and running. We are the solution for complex onboarding processes!

A Customer Story

GUIDEcx continuously strives for meaningful relationships with our customers. This bond with our customers is reflected in several case studies conducted by our organization. One such client, Epion Health, the leader in digital patient engagement solutions empowers providers to deliver high-quality care that’s convenient, accessible, efficient, and profitable.

After implementing GUIDEcx to onboard clients into their secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, they were able to shorten their onboarding timeline by 60 days. The ease and intuitiveness of the GUIDEcx platform allowed Epion to onboard a client with 1,275 healthcare providers under one umbrella.

“GUIDEcx is a game changer as far as project management goes,” said Ann Mooney, Head of Implementation at Epion Health. “It destroys timelines by eliminating redundancy, delivering consistency, and creating expectations for the team and the client.”

Epion is just one of our valued customers. Additional customers who have shared their experiences with GUIDEcx include Kount (an Equifax Company), NEOGOV, and AgriSync.

The Team Culture

In an effort to build an organizational culture of growth, Peter hung a sign in his office in the early days of the business that reminded him to hire “kind, optimistic, curious, self-aware, and empathetic” employees who also have “good judgment and an excellent work ethic.” With that in mind, he has built a team of unparalleled professionals who put each other and their customers first.

Peter reflects that people-first attitude in all that he does. “There comes a time in every person’s career when success stops being the main motivator and being more significant becomes the main motivator,” says Peter. “Being significant means being meaningful—not only in our customers’ and employees’ lives but in any life that we touch as well.”

That approach is reflected within the organization as we continuously reward and encourage the personal growth of our employees. We put the happiness of our employees at the center of our efforts. Peter encourages his team members to be proud of their achievements and hopes to create an environment where people love to work. “That’s the kind of environment I get excited about,” says Peter.

Founder Quote

“It takes a special kind of individual to build a startup,” says Ord. “Most founders wouldn’t consider themselves ready. However, as Kobe Bryant put it, ‘The joy is in the journey and not in the destination.’ Here at GUIDEcx, we understood there would be bumps in the road; however, we persisted because we believed in ourselves and surrounded ourselves with others who believed in what we were doing as well. Our secret sauce is our collective experience that allowed us to build a solution that didn’t exist on the market. Creating an entirely new industry category and the GUIDEcx platform has been daunting and exciting all at the same time.”

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