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From Swimming to Software Development: How a Gap in the Market Led to a Major Career Change

What the company does?

MarketBox is a sales and scheduling eCommerce platform for service businesses with mobile workforces. By enabling business owners to automate admin tasks, simplify scheduling, and coordinate mobile workforces, MarketBox helps businesses increase sales and grow profitably.

The Current Landscape

Within the sales and scheduling software landscape, there isn’t anything that caters specifically to service businesses with mobile workforces. Competitors like Wix Scheduling or Acuity are designed for brick and mortar businesses; they don’t account for the additional moving parts that come with managing a mobile workforce. For example, they lack essential features like:

  • route optimization to reduce travel time between jobs

  • travel zones that let providers control their working radius

  • flexible scheduling and job alerts so providers can pick up jobs on-the-go

Company Birth Story

MarketBox was started out of necessity. Founder Diana Goodwin spent months looking for a system that would enable her to grow and automate her first business, AquaMobile, the largest at-home swim lesson marketplace in North America. Everything she came across was built for traditional brick and mortar businesses, or it was missing critical features needed to scale.

After developing her custom software, other businesses such as at-home tutors, mobile beauty services, and other swim schools started to reach out for help building their systems. That’s when she realized that many service businesses were facing the same challenges she did, and it was time to launch MarketBox publicly.

The Solution

MarketBox offers service businesses a better way to manage their mobile workforce. Unique features like automated provider matching, travel zone management, and the ability to pick up jobs on the go have helped MarketBox users grow their businesses quickly and easily.

With smart automation tools, the software handles the repetitive, low-value tasks that suck up 20-50% of small business owners' time automatically. And with MarketBox’s flexible online booking flow, customers can self-book one-off or recurring appointments, get matched with local providers, and schedule and pay for services 24/7.

The all-in-one software enables businesses to scale easily with software that grows with them, all for one fixed monthly cost.

A Customer Story

Child care costs meant that Holly M. had to give up her swim teaching career after the birth of her daughter. But with the help of the MarketBox software, she was able to hire other swim instructors and launch her mobile swim school from home, giving her the flexibility she needed to fit work around caring for her young child.

On her first day, she made $5k in sales and hasn’t looked back since! She says, “I would not have begun my mobile swim lesson/lifeguarding company if not for MarketBox. Every function needed to operate a successful mobile company has been thought of.”

A founder quote

With MarketBox, our goal is to help business owners and managers successfully grow their businesses with the help of technology. We want to help them realize that running a business doesn’t have to be stressful with the right tools in place.

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