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From COVID project to biggest EMDR therapy platform in the world

What Bilateralstimulation does builds software and hardware that enables EMDR therapists to practice online.

The Current Landscape

Today is the largest platform for telehealth EMDR in the world, outsizing traditional EMDR equipment providers as well as digital EMDR software competitors.

Company Birth Story

Its creator Yanick Steinbeck, a Swiss entrepreneur and software engineer, was an EMDR client himself and originally built the software to enable his former therapist to practice online at the beginning of COVID.

The software went viral within the EMDR community and is now facilitating tens of thousands of EMDR therapy sessions every week.

The Solution

Their software-as-a-service (SaaS) allows therapists to provide bilateral stimulation for EMDR therapy over the internet.

EMDR is a method of trauma therapy that focuses on overcoming mental health conditions by desensitizing and reprocessing traumatic memories. It uses a modality called “bilateral stimulation” (BLS), which can involve eye movements (visual BLS), binaural sounds (auditory BLS), and bilateral vibrations (tactile BLS).

This special form of stimulation was found to help with taxing a traumatized patient’s working memory and thus reducing the vividness of traumatic memories, which accelerates the therapeutic process of overcoming their trauma.

EMDR is recommended by the WHO, the US military, and the UN as a treatment for PTSD and is also being used to treat depression, anxiety, addictions, and many other mental health disorders. builds tools that enable therapists to provide EMDR therapy online during telehealth sessions.

On top of their BLS software they also built their own hardware - a groundbreaking device that allows therapists to offer tactile BLS over the internet for the very first time.

A Customer Story

One of their therapist users put it like this: “We EMDR therapists have been talking about this - ‘who's going to invent this, who's gonna do this, we need this!’ - so thank you very much for finally doing it. We appreciate it!”

Another therapist wrote in to mention:

“Thank you so much for creating this awesome tool! It is so necessary and widely used by all of my colleagues, and we are all very grateful for your technological contribution to the field of EMDR”

Check it out :


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