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Find that right person by finding yourself first

What the company does?

Venus helps people find and keep a long-term, meaningful partner by focusing on finding themselves first before they look for a partner. Venus starts with helping its members to create a deeper relationship with themselves which then helps them find the right partner.

The Current Landscape

Most offerings in the dating and relationships space start on the outside rather than on the inside. They focus on matching people based on certain preferences, but many of these people haven't really thought deeply about what they truly want so their preferences may not always be well thought through. Just because the two of you like classical music or horseback riding does not mean you are made for each other. You need a connection deeper than that.

Company Birth Story

Venus is a part of Adios, a framework developed by its founder, Tarun Gulati, to train people on Contemplation – deep thinking – to achieve clarity of thought and peace of mind in relationships, work and other dimensions in life. It comes from his own experience and experimentation with Contemplation for more than 15,000 hours over the last 15 years.

The Solution

Venus starts from the inside and then moves to the outside. Venus helps you find that right person in three steps:

1. Find Yourself

2. Find a Friend

3. Find a Partner

Consider these to be Levels in your Finding the Right Partner game. You must proceed in sequence.

In Level 1 – Find Yourself – all Venus members go through the 8-week Venus Core program that trains you to create a deep connection with yourself. This helps you understand what you truly want to create a meaningful and peaceful life, and who you want it with.

In Level 2 – Find a Friend – you join the Venus Partner Discovery Program and practice what you have learnt during Level 1 by meeting other Venus members and interesting people in your personal life outside of Venus. You are trained to keep your focus on the inside, learn to look beyond the cute smiles and the six packs to find a deeper connection with your potential partner.

In Level 3 – Find a Partner – you finally choose your ideal partner. You identify the one who resonates with your values, vision and culture. You also learn to identify those who look attractive on the surface but are not meant for you.

The next Venus cohort starts on July 11. Register on

A founder quote

A meaningful relationship does not start with finding the right person. It starts with becoming the right person. It starts with finding yourself first.

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