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Femma is a Clinically Led Digital Healthcare Solution for Women

The Current Landscape

The future of digital primary healthcare is a patient centric, next generation care model that delivers on the entire patient journey. For this to happen, we also need a clinician centric model that improves the work life balance for clinicians and health workers amidst the health crisis that Australia is experiencing.

The team at Femma are passionate about forging a new clinically led patient centric model of healthcare in Australia. This is our core challenge. How do we build a healthcare service that delivers a great customer and patient experience but doesn’t compromise the clinical standards of care that a patient experiences in a face to face setting.

Another key challenge for Femma operating in Australia is Medicare. The current Medicare system primarily incentivises doctors to deliver disease management, as opposed to health promotion. Femma’s model seeks to compliment Medicare by focussing on clinically designed general health and wellbeing activities, as well as providing focussed women’s health clinical care via the Femma platform and digital community.

Femma’s focus is therefore on long term health promotion for Australian women and it aims to deliver improved quality of life and health outcomes for Australian women. Femma is a move away from transactional healthcare delivered by existing Australian telehealth providers (Mosh, Pilot, Kin, Juniper etc) into a more experiential model with on demand educational content and an ask the expert feature in the community.

Femma’s ‘care team’ model is another differentiator to competitors as it not only demonstrates gold standard care, which refers to the right expert at the right time, but delivers it where previously this was hard, if not impossible for women to access.

Company Birth Story

Femma is a healthcare business which utilises digital technology to scale the impact of doctors delivering women's health services, including in remote and regional areas of Australia.

The concept for Femma was conjured up from the experience of our founder and CEO, Dr Emma Rees, who was operating a face to face women’s health clinic in regional New South Wales.

Unfortunately, the demand for expert women’s healthcare exceeded clinical capacity and the ability to deliver multidisciplinary care for women was limited.

Dr Rees was passionate about solving this access problem and wanted to build a service and digital platform that provides access to GP specialists with additional qualifications in women's health, as well as general lifestyle and wellness content, products and prescriptions where appropriate.

Dr Rees then relocated to Perth to partner with a healthcare investment fund, Dancing Ledge, and venture studio, More Alive, to fund and build the Femma platform. To date Femma has secured $1 million in funding to build it’s MVP and acquire first customers.

The Solution

The team at Femma envisage a world where all women can engage with accessible high quality healthcare and feel empowered by genuine community support to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

At its core the Femma platform is dedicated to building a patient centric, next generation, care model that delivers on the entire patient journey. At the same time Femma is making sure it’s solution actually improves the work life of clinicians and health worker providers and is providing gold standard clinical care that adheres to the latest clinical guidelines.

By leveraging technology and automation at key steps in a patient's healthcare journey, the Femma platform can scale the impact of doctors, enabling them to see more patients in less time, but without compromising on clinical guidelines and safety.

Our model works for both patients and doctors, who can consult via Femma in a time and location suitable to them and in a format of their choice (text or video consultations with referrals to in-person specialists as required). This enables women to transcend traditional barriers to access or augment existing care pathways where appropriate.

Since launching in January 2022 Femma has had thousands of Australian women sign up to engage in the community, subscribe to the lifestyle content or have a doctors consultation and receive pharmaceutical treatments delivered to their door. The initial response and appetite for our offering has been overwhelmingly positive.

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