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EZCarTrade - The Startup That's Shaking Up The Used Car Industry

What is EZCarTrade?

When it comes to car sales, the status quo is ripe for disruption. Enter EZCarTrade - a startup that's revolutionizing the used car industry with its innovative approach to car swapping and trading.

In a nutshell, EZCarTrade provides enthusiasts and consumers the ability to trade their existing vehicle with someone else's. Matching consumers with cars, they are the only site where you can truly trade your ride with another trader.

The Current Landscape

The current landscape is dominated by a few big players but since Covid hit back in 2020, automotive inventory reduced tremendously and prices quickly soared. Car dealerships are struggling to keep up with consumer demand as people turn to private sellers. Car buying and selling has largely become an online process but most actual transactions still happens offline. EZCarTrade plans to change that by allowing users to seamlessly trade their cars without having to go through a third party.

In terms of competition, apart from the traditional dealers and motor traders, there is very little in the way of online car swap platforms and those that exist currently are not consumer friendly, with most having hidden fees or taking a commission on the sale.

Company Birth Story

Founded by long-time childhood friends CEO Anthony Bua and COO Joseph Fragomeni, the goal was to come up with a unique solution to make the car trading and buying experience effortless and affordable. On witnessing the changing landscape of the automotive industry post-Covid, they quickly got to work on a solution based on the idea of trading a car for a different model instead of laying out a bunch of cash for something new.

The Solution

EZCarTrade strives to be the lowest cost option for listing your car, whilst operating with the utmost integrity, and ensuring consumers an outstanding experience using the site.

Customers are given full control over communications via their own custom dashboard and can see all their messages in one place, as well as the status of any car swaps they have initiated. The company only charges a listing fee and does not accept a percentage of the sale like other companies do.

Having only launched a few months ago, EZCarTrade is quickly becoming the go-to platform for anyone looking to upgrade or simply change their ride without the hassle or expense of going through a dealer.

The company has received some great PR so far with more on the way - they were featured on the Motorhead Garage Show on the Motortrend TV Network, which airs on Sunday 5/15/2022 at 8:30 am on Motortrend. The show will also air on different dates throughout Rev Canada, Rev'n TV US, and the Velocity Channel. The team is now starting to work on signing up dealerships to bring more options to the consumer when trading a car. The future is looking very bright - both for EZCarTrade and for those looking to trade their ride without breaking the bank.

Founder Quote

"We're on a mission to make things easier and more affordable for car buyers and sellers. We are not a consignment shop - we just match cars with real people. We're shaking up the industry and giving consumers the power to trade their cars on their own terms."

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