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Eve – Live Digital Engagement for Pregnant Women

What the company does

Medicity, an Australian-based digital health provider has developed an award-winning pregnancy app called Eve, co-designed by Cabrini’s obstetricians, midwives, allied health practitioners and even patients. Since launching mid-2021, Eve has been adopted by 13 Australian hospitals and is currently providing benefit to over 20,000 women each year.

The Current Landscape

New and expectant mums can be overwhelmed by information during their pregnancy and postnatal journey. The Innovation team identified a number of commercial apps that were typically limited to static, non-local content that lacked any evidence-base.

They recognised an opportunity and set out to develop a unique digital solution, in partnership with Cabrini Hospital.

Company Birth Story

Eve was born out of the Cabrini Centre for Innovation, a Melbourne- based medtech incubator established to tackle problems in health through the creation and application of digital technologies and innovative solutions.

After launching the app at Cabrini, Eve went on to win innovation awards and attracted strong interest from other hospitals. The Innovation team recognised this as an opportunity to create a new business through which Eve could be licenced to other hospitals, and a new digital health business, Medicity, was born.

The Solution

Eve offers a comprehensive suite of tools, trackers and a rich library of evidence-based content. It is a live digital engagement platform that connects mothers directly to the hospital and one another, in the form of live direct chat functionality and midwife-moderated forums.

Medicity has just launched multilingual capability for Eve to take the platform to international markets in 2023.

You can learn more about Eve here:

A Customer Story

Feedback from Midwives and Patients has been overwhelmingly positive. Eve users consistently report that the app has enriched their entire pregnancy and postnatal experience. Reported benefits include improved pregnancy outcomes, a reduction in pregnancy- related anxiety, improved access to vital maternity services and information, and a vastly improved patient experience.

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