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Estated Revolutionizes Property Data

What is Estated ?

Estated offers quick and easy access to comprehensive property data on over 150 million residential and non-residential properties across the United States.

Hundreds of industry leaders in real estate, insurance, and home services utilize Estated for the most accurate, up-to-date, easy-to-use and cost-effective property data available on the market today.

The Current Landscape

All industries, markets, and sectors are searching for data-driven insights to help them make better strategic business decisions.

Estated helps customers in real estate, insurance, energy, home services, mortgage and lending, marketing, and more enhance their product offerings with rich property data.

Big data is a complex and nuanced industry with a myriad of players who’ve carved out their own niche to address gaps in data in a wide variety of sectors.

When it comes to the sheer volume of property data, there are several institutional and legacy vendors that offer property data in the industry. These include large financial and consumer information corporations like CoreLogic (founded 2010) and First American (founded 1889), as well as purely real estate data providers like ATTOM (founded 1999).

Estated’s unparalleled data quality, nationwide coverage, and easy-to-use API offers a superior solution to outdated legacy products that charge exorbitant costs for slow and obsolete technology and data.

Company Birth Story

The company was founded during the Techstars Class of 2017 in Boulder, Colorado. The Estated team was based in Kelowna, British Columbia and focused on aggregating, digitizing, standardizing, and presenting property data to consumers through an API and intuitive line of products.

In 2018, Estated raised $3 million in Series A funding round from Foundry Group, Next Big Ventures,, and Techstars Ventures. Since this round Estated has experienced significant growth and has worked with companies such as State Farm, Google, Amazon, Blend, and Ribbon.

The Solution

Estated is setting a new standard for data delivery with a blazing fast property data API that allows customers access to rich property data within minutes of setting up an account.

Each property record contains hundreds of different data points from the basics of a property (parcel and boundaries) and building data (structural data such as square footage or roof type) to historical deed (20+ years of sales and mortgage data) and ownership information to taxes, assessments, and market value (uses an industry leading AVM to provide accurate property values).

Estated’s customers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of accessing data either via pay-as-you-go plans or, for customers looking for larger enterprise plans, Estated builds customized bulk property data plans to suit anyone’s needs.

In the landscape of well established property data aggregators, we are a small fish in a big pond — and making waves everyday thanks to our commitment to three core philosophies:

1. Transparency is key to understanding the quality and value of data

2. Public data should be easily accessible to everyone

3. A new way of doing business requires new standards

In 2021, after setting company highs for monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and annual recurring revenue (ARR) and achieving $2.1 million in total revenue (133% growth compared to 2020), the Estated team expanded across the globe and was named one of the Top 500 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies of 2021 by Latka Magazine.

A Customer Story

Hundreds of industry leaders in real estate and lending, insurance, energy, and home services use Estated as their data provider for their data accuracy, platform’s ease of use, and their transparent pricing model that differentiates them from their legacy competitors.

Estated’s property data is helping industry leaders and up-and-coming startups embrace digital innovation in various industries including insurance giants State Farm and SwissRE; emerging insurtechs Blend, Kin, and Obie; real estate platform Ribbon; and many more.

The Team Culture

Estated is a technology company led by a passionate entrepreneur and made up of a talented of data engineers and business professionals.

The team is driven by the motto—Happy, Healthy Humans—a commitment to uplifting their mental, physical, and psychological well being through competitive compensation, elevated benefits, flexible working hours and vacations, equity share option plans and RRSPs, and additional perks to help their staff feel motivated and supported.

In fact, Estated committed to flexible working hours and a remote work from home policy well before the pandemic—with staff members living around the world in Canada, Brazil, and Russia, and the United States.

It’s this dedication to happy, healthy humans that has and will continue to be one of the keys to Estated's long-term success.

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