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Ensembl is the Future of Meetings, Both Online and In-Person

About Ensembl

Ensembl keeps your meetings on point and on time with automated & smart tools, which support your team’s goals before, during and after any gathering; whether it’s in-person, on-line or both.

The Current Landscape

Remote work is now the reality. Hybrid designs of both office & home on-duty time now dominate the workspace. While we were just collectively beginning to agree on office and workplace etiquette, the shift to remote work, complete with the new online meeting spaces, has shown us (often comically) just how much

more work needs to be done on the art & science of running successful meetings.

Ensembl is Born

Ensembl was designed after 20+ years of consulting experiences with regional and national businesses and nonprofits, each of whom were seeking an efficient path from their strategic plans (often handsomely stored on the bookshelf collecting dust), to their actual vision of results and success. The art and science of designing, implementing and evaluating that path through efficient group work and meeting management were created and the foundational ideas of Ensembl were born.

While Ensembl was initially intended to be used around a conference table in the Board Room, it is now able to host meetings with teams in the same room or around the world…or both!

Why Ensembl?

When the pandemic hit, Ensembl was already well into it’s design stages and we had just begun Beta testing with a large group of users. IT quickly became apparent that we needed to alter course to address all the concerns we were hearing about the nightmare of online meetings as it became the new normal; almost overnight!

"We heard and listened to ALL the complaints: download & version problems, multiple websites & windows necessary to manage just one meeting, and the TIME that was being wasted trying to maneuver through this new landscape in an orderly fashion.

Ensembl is now being used daily by hundreds and from all over the world. They’ve made their first sales and are currently onboarding new clients.

Customer Speaks!

Daniel manages all the marketing and communications of a national senior service company, which provides assisted living and memory care to seniors and their families in need. His work required his constant travel around the country each month, just to ensure his connection with his regional and local teams; bringing them all up to speed on the national trends and directions, while focusing them on local needs. Daniel’s travel, meals and hotel spending was rapidly expanding and was eating into the operating budget for his department.

His team now uses Ensembl. Not only has his travel time reduced (allowing much more time at home with his family), but his business expenses have plummeted. He is now able to collectively update his teams, while providing adequate time and space for regional teams to share their visions and ideas with the ENTIRE marketing team. Daniel has told us how Ensembl has released his teams’ creativity as they share, adapt and enhance each other's ideas; furthering their collective success across the nation. Daniel’s company is one of the largest of it’s kind and fastest growing in the nation.

They are currently working with Ensembl internally throughout all operations departments.

The Ensembl Team

Ensembl’s team consists of Trip Terrano, CEO and Michael Gifford-Santos, CTO. Trip and Michael met while serving on the Board of Directors of the same nonprofit organization in Hawaii. Trip was Treasurer of the organization and Michael was experiencing his first role as a Board Member and was seeking a mentor. They both became quick friends and great colleagues. Michael had been working on an app idea and invited Trip to join the effort to help make the numbers within the business plan work. The idea quickly evolved and they became co-founders of Dodecki — one of the FIRST food-ordering apps — and way ahead of its time. They operated within the Hawaii market for a couple of years before closing shop and moving back to the mainland and locating in Seattle. Dodecki Labs was formed and the first initiative was Ensembl, as Michael asked: “What was the number one thing you got hired to do throughout your consulting career?” The answer birthed Ensembl in a parking lot behind a coffee shop as they sipped iced, hazelnut lattes and dreamed of how to “app-ify" more than two decades of consulting work.

Their goal is to help the world “Get it together.”

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