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Deep Tech is Leveling the Playing Field for Small Businesses

What the company does

MRGN, is reimagining the business planning and intelligence capabilities of small businesses. The platform provides an intuitive and lightweight, though powerful, method of providing small businesses with actionable insights and guidance around their internal finances and operations, as well as competitive intelligence.

The Current Landscape

Others have tried where MRGN looks to succeed. In fact, there are several players in this space whose offerings stop at budgeting and scenario modelling. Most notably, Pry, which was acquired in April ’22 by Brex, a FinTech giant.

Company Birth Story

MRGN’s CEO, Yoni Rubin, incepted the idea of MRGN when his CEO tasked him with modeling a substantial expense reduction in too short a period of time. When Yoni discovered that he would have to model this scenario manually, using spreadsheets, and that all variations of small businesses encountered this problem on an almost daily basis, the aha moment arrived.

The Solution

MRGN sets itself apart, not only by its revolutionary feature set, but also via deep tech. Their team is leveraging Machine Learning in order to provide small business owners with predictive insights that are benchmarked against industry standards. For example, MRGN’s technology may notify a user that their gross margin is thinner than direct competitors within their specific zip code.

A founder quote

Rubin stated, “After on-boarding 15 times more users than we expected for our beta campaign, the resounding feedback read like a divine message, ‘We want as much of these predictive insights that your platform can possibly feed us.”

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