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Cyntexa's Triumph: The Incredible Riseof a Small Startup

What Cyntexa does

Cyntexa is an all things IT company. It does it all from implementation, integration, development to consulting. They initially dealt with only the queries associated with the Salesforce niche and then eventually expanded their expertise and started launching products like ChargeOn, Easy Rollup, Easy Incentivizer, and Aarch Merchant Tool to name a few. They have a team of 300+experts and tech enthusiasts and global presence in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia and India.

The Current Landscape

To talk about the current landscape Cyntexa now not only provides expert industry centric solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem but has now joined hands with some of the well-established brands like Nintex, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud, Google Cloud Services,etc. The company is lately coming up with new and advanced services to cater to a much wider section of audiences. The one thing that the company believes differentiates them from their competitors is the value they provide to their customers. As for big global companies their clients are mere clients but Cyntexa always goes an extra mile to deeply understand their client’s concerns and provide appropriate solutions with personalized attention each time without fail.

Company Birth Story

Cyntexa could have been just another IT company in the pool of numerous companies across the world, but because of the great vision of Shrey Sharma, CEO & Founder of Cyntexa it commenced its journey in the year 2018. Back in the day, Shrey witnessed the lack of good Salesforce learning resources, so he decided to bridge that gap and started taking Salesforce training classes which laid the foundation of S2 Labs.

Well everything at Shrey's classes was just going well he observed that his teachings are getting confined to a small room. And he wanted to make sure that every Salesforce enthusiast gets the right knowledge. So he created a YouTube channel by the name of Salesforce Hulk. His vision, surely, defied the geographical boundaries and, his experiences and knowledge got a platform to reach a wider section of audience.

The Salesforce Hulk YouTube opened doors for multiple entrepreneurial opportunities for Shrey. Even though by that time he had various job offers at his doorstep he refused those. He then along with his four friends joined hands and started Cyntexa. The five founders of Cyntexa worked day and night tirelessly to make Cyntexa what it is today. Vishwajeet Srivastava, CTO & Founder of Cyntexa, added that “Five of us wanted to question and change the existing norms. Along with that we wanted to revolutionize the space of innovation through our practices”.

They started off with a basement space and limited services to offer to their customers, but millions of dreams to chase.With hard work and passion, the company grew in size and numbers significantly. With a massive they all worked in every possible manner to impact the lives of their customers.

With an incredible pace and performance, Cyntexa first became Salesforce Ridge (2019) then a Crest partner. It has been recognized and applauded as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies by the prestigious Clutch Awards. Also, to add more feathers to Cyntexa's hat, it has been felicitated with the title of Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcing) Partner and Cloud reseller also.

Shrey Sharma, CEO & Founder of Cyntexa, believes in not just offering solutions and services to their customers but also establishing long term fruitful relationships with them. Over the years, Cyntexa's exceptional services have also been utilized by some of the industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies like Audi, nVent, EVCO Insurance, Lighting Step, UNILED, and more.


Though initially the founders were worried and threatened by the big players in the industry like Sciencesoft, IBM, Silverline,etc, but without paying much heed to the fear of getting swept away by their competitors they kept on working tirelessly to foster the vision with which they had started the company. And as a result of that leap of faith Cyntexa has now helped over 100 businesses across the globe in digitally transforming their business ever since its commencement. The company has been successful in delivering over 900 projects and to date there have been 285+ certifications. Since then, there has been no looking back for Cyntexa.

Vishwajeet Srivastava, CTO & Founder of Cyntexa also adds that, “Our vision today is to be at the forefront of empowering businesses with latest technologies and evolving its industry whether it be AI or digital landscape. Ensuring we stay one stop solution for all business needs”.

Team Culture

Team spirit is one of the key pillars of Cyntexa. A healthy team culture has always been an integral part of the company. The CEO and Founder of Cyntexa, Shrey Sharma strongly resonates with the idea of growing people as the company grows, he also ensures that value addition takes place at every level of the organization. The team members and team leaders get recognition and appreciation timely at the company. Plus in order to boost the morale and enthusiasm amongst the team members Cyntexa keeps organizing intriguing employee engagement programs at regular intervals.

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