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CUX's AI-Automation is the Future of UX Design

CUX is the first-ever UX Automation tool that detects users' behaviors and experiences patterns on websites. By using machine learning for predictive qualitative analysis, it helps companies not only save time (previously devoted to manual data analysis) but also maintain sales growth by predicting which customer behavior will inhibit conversion..

The current UX landscape

Until now, in order to understand why users drop off, it was necessary to do research or devote your time to watch hundreds of visits' videos. Moreover, market observations show that the volume of traffic on the website is not as important as its quality and creating a purchasing motivation.

How They Started

A few years ago, Paulina and Kamil Walkowiak (married co-founders) had an enlightening chat about work. Paulina detailed to Kamil the process of market research: how she learns from people, how she manages observations, and how it leads her to conclusions about customer services. Kamil was immediately fascinated by the idea of transforming these processes into an online environment.

Back then, there were tools for quantitative analytics available on the market. But no one really questioned what stood behind the numbers. Together, they've built the very first version of an analytical tool that was aiming to help uncover and understand what users really do on the web. They started collecting all events users perform and snapshots of the visited pages to visualize the data. Visits recordings were designed to enable our customers to observe every move of their users. Quickly, they've started to land accounts with tremendous traffic. This led them to aggregating collected data and visualize it in a form of heatmaps to see how users interact with selected pages in general.

What CUX does

CUX automatically recognizes behavior patterns, checks the scale of frustration and its impact on achieving the business goal. Thanks to the combination of qualitative and quantitative data, the use of neuromarketing, and behavioral analysis, our clients find the sources of their users' problems much faster and adjust solutions to them (even in a few minutes!).

By automating the process of analyzing user data, as the only tool on the market, CUX focus on the context of the business goal. The tool identifies areas of user frustration that may cause conversion drops, filters heatmaps, and recordings, and identifies behavior patterns. Thanks to predictive analysis, customers do not have to look for problems on the websites themselves - cux does it for them, additionally selecting only those visits that are relevant to the business goal (e.g. sales, newsletter subscription, form filling, etc.). CUX allows you to observe user behavior on any type of device - from phones to smart TVs. In addition, CUX independently tracks all events on the website, thus not involving the customer's IT department.

In addition to optimizing products, CUX also supports the optimization of marketing activities, providing insight into customer paths and behaviors. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs get to know the expectations of the target group in detail, create campaigns that perfectly respond to them and increase the likelihood of success on the website. CUX was ranked 1st among European product analysis tools and 3rd among user sessions replay tools (G2 ranking). In 2019, the startup was also awarded in TechCrunch Top Picks at Disrupt Berlin in the "CRM / Enterprise" category. The company also won the Startup Challenge 2021 competition in the Business Processes category.

CUX's impact on customers

T-mobile saved campaign money by immediately identifying a fraudulent affiliate and improved conversion by 68% by detecting customer problems within the purchasing process: case study optimized its marketing campaign and increased its revenue by 34% by understanding users needs and pain points: case study

E-commerce reduced the number of direct contacts and orders via the hotline and e-mails – and redirect them to contact form – by an impressive 37%: case study

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